Automotive portfolio

The PSI Logistics portfolio begins with network planning and optimisation for inbound traffic, i.e. with delivery via tier 1/tier 2 suppliers. PSIglobal uses Open Street Map to fully exploit the optimisation potential of intermodal traffic, including container, truck, rail, ship and air transport. The objective is location-specific restructuring and/or the use of other transshipment points or means of transport. This is accompanied by the analysis and optimisation of transport and logistics costs, which can then be used in the PSItms transport management system.

PSIwms is responsible for the storage of raw materials as well as semi-finished, finished and spare parts. Processes are adjusted individually, from goods receipt with incoming quality control and the integration of advanced conveyors to the full supply of the production line by means of JIT/JIS processes using the QUALICISION® sequencing tool. The benefit: Customers themselves can adjust the workflow and processes for all PSI products. This ensures investment security far into the future.

Together with the PSIpenta ERP system for order processing and production planning and the PSImes system for shop floor management, the PSI Logistics automotive tool is an outstanding solution for automotive OEMs and their suppliers.

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