PSI solutions for food industry logistics

PSI Logistics offers tailor-made IT solutions for the food industry that optimise the entire supply chain, from strategic analysis to operational implementation. Special requirements within this industry, such as cold storage, short residence times, BBDs and temperature-controlled transportation are taken into account in the strategies, rules and parameters of all PSI systems.

The PSIwms advanced warehouse management system is also customised to accommodate special storage requirements for food (cold storage, BBDs, etc.). It is suitable for the management and administration of best before dates, residual periods and production data (production dates, etc.), and fulfils the legal requirements (EU Regulation 178/2002) for consistent, seamless batch tracking. In addition, PSIwms supports the tracking of receipt batches and the use of these batches in production and order picking, taking into consideration the requirements for ISO 9000 certification with regard to product identification and material flow control. PSIwms is user-friendly and intended especially for the operation of multi-client, multi-location systems.

Strategic and tactical management and sales tasks can be completed using the planning, management and optimisation tool PSIglobal. This tool provides support with logistical challenges in the areas of structural optimisation, distribution planning, location selection and logistics network planning, and combines issues from both the production and logistics divisions. Logistics networks can be realigned and optimised using PSIglobal.

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