Logistics solutions for production

Today, no production environment would be complete without ERP and production planning systems (PPS). In other words, efficient, continuous production in job or series-based manufacturing is simply not possible without detailed IT control, which is subject to the greatest possible degree of sequencing. 

However, in addition to production planning, logistics is another factor that also needs not be neglected. Without the appropriate storage of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products with optimised supply and disposal systems for both production lines and machines, such processes are not feasible in today’s global competitive environment. 

The PSItms transport management system is used for the inbound planning of materials, from the supplier to the delivery ramp. Today’s conventional transport volumes can be distributed evenly through the optimised planning of deliveries by means of manual or automatic scheduling and the integration of web-based time slot systems. Based on corresponding deliveries of order backlogs, the PSIwms warehouse management system makes it possible to access goods that are urgently required by production right from the goods receipt stage. 

In combination with the familiar PP systems already in place, PSIwms is able to supply production with precise sequencing in accordance with production calloffs using JIS, JIT or KANBAN models. 

All processes can be represented with absolute transparency in the PSI Logistics systems. The use of advanced technology and the control centre with cockpit function, to the complete control system with the integration of existing systems, make interactive intervention possible, and therefore also the optimised control of all supply shortages.

Spare parts management, controlled via PSIwms, is also possible as an enhancement to the production environment. In addition to the complete management of the central and regional warehouses and mobile storage in the assembly and repair vehicles, the entire material flow is optimised and controlled in PSIwms using the mobile online terminals with GPS function. The included withdrawal of items for repair and management of alternative items are additional key services. 

The logistics suite supplied by PSI Logistics with PSItms and PSIwms also integrates seamlessly into existing structures with SAP – and other – applications.

Photos (top to bottom, ltr): © industrieblick – Fotolia.com