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  • Automotive logistics

    Complex, intermodal and just in time

The requirements for procurement and distribution logistics in the automotive environment are highly complex and call for comprehensive solutions that, on one hand, meets the needs for delivery reliability and, on the other hand, supports the continuous process of cost optimization. For this, an optimally designed supply chain is essential where warehousing and transport costs are in line with each other at best.

The optimal storage of raw materials, semi-finished, finished and spare parts also plays an important role. This implies an intelligent connected intralogistics and flexibly adaptable warehouse processes. PSI Logistics Suite supports the handling of all these requirements and offers a genuine added value in practice.

Automotive logistics - special industry functions for special requirements

Our Supply Chain Management System PSIglobal includes functions, e.g., for:

  • Strategic optimization of global procurement and distribution networks
  • Detailed comparison of warehousing and transport costs
  • Strategic planning of optimal procurement and delivery routes

Our Warehouse Management System PSIwms includes functions, e.g., for:

  • eKanban
  • Order picking strategies (e.g. multi-order picking, two-level, serial, ...)
  • Event management
  • Forklift guidance system (incl. route trains, timetables, ...)
  • Kitting
  • Dock, slot & yard management
  • Just in time/just in sequence
  • Slot management
  • Quality control
  • Production supply/disposal

Our software enables, e.g., the following:

  • Processing of a wide range of different goods, storage in different shelf types (palettes, plates, floor storage, block storage, cantilever shelf, small compartments) as mono posts and mixed posts
  • Collection of different inventory attributes for the article
  • Automatic reorganization of shelf positions (shelves for smaller parts or cantilever shelves) depending on the width of the goods to be stored
  • Application and collection of serial numbers, including and completion of warranty certificates

Efficient process control, the option of an internal configuration and a short project duration were key decision criteria for us.

Lars Brand
CEO, Sostmeier Transport & Logistics

Contact Person

Rüdiger Stauch
Head of Sales

Phone: +49 6021 366-561

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