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It has become a matter of course that goods are quickly available today. Express and same-day deliveries are no longer an exception. This applies for wholesale and retail, spare parts and also for the e-commerce sector. Added to this, there are seasonal peaks that need to be mastered. This all involves around a requirement that goods are available in the warehouse at the right time in the right place.

Another aspect is the effective management of high return rates that the industry has to handle. PSI Logistics Suite supports all these processes through a complete supply chain and in the warehouse. Therefore, it is very important when it comes to remaining competitive.

Retail logistics - special industry functions for special requirements

Our Supply Chain Management System PSIglobal includes functions, e.g., for:

  • Optimization of the warehouse location
  • Calculation of the virtual future shipping volume
  • Multi-level allocation optimization
  • Determination of carbon footprint

Our Warehouse Management System PSIwms includes functions, e.g., for:

  • Order picking strategies (e.g. multi-order pick, two-stage, serial, ...)
  • Pick & pack
  • Batch formation
  • Route optimization
  • Event management
  • Adaptive order start
  • Returns handling
  • Resource planning
  • Value added services
  • Scenario management
  • Dashboard (real-time data analysis)
  • Article Clustering

Our software enables, e.g., the following:

  • Processing a wide range of different goods, storage in different shelf types (palettes, plates) as mono posts and mixed posts, collection of different inventory attributes for articles
  • Automatic reorganization of shelf positions (shelves for smaller parts or cantilever shelf) depending on the width of the goods to be stored
  • Two-level order picking: Batch removal of the goods by sectors of the removal area and by order types, product range of the removed goods by orders (automatically and manually).
  • Packaging of the orders according to the requirements of the shipping provider and consolidation in the shipping area by routes.
  • Specialized workstation for processing goods returns, quality inspections of goods returns

In the selection process PSI Logistics convinced with the better ratings, references and solutions in different high performance environments. The upgrade and integration capability as well as the wide range of functions that PSIwms already covers with its standard were decisive aspects in the decision.

Ulrich Tietze
Head of Product Enterprise Application, Mister Spex SE

With WMS in place, which manages all operations at LPP’s Distribution Centre, we are now able to handle highly complex processes. The system manages all stages of goods handling in the warehouse – from receipt and distribution between the domestic warehouse and bonded warehouse, and between the high-bay warehouse and the automatic warehouse, up to sorting and dispatch of goods to individual brand stores and countries.

Jacek Kujawa
Vice President at LPP S.A.

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