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    The race for delivery time

Postal & CEP service providers offer a wide range of services. In particular, the transport time plays a central role in the provision of the service. In addition to standard deliveries, more and more orders are placed for same-day delivery, overnight or even same-hour delivery in large cities and metropolitan areas. Services such as shipment tracking have long been standard for many postal & CEP service providers.

With our PSI Logistics Suite, we support postal & CEP service providers in keeping an overview of all relevant processes and in meeting the requirements of customers and the market.

Postal & CEP service providers - special industry functions for special requirements

Our transport management system PSItms includes functions, e.g., for:

  • Planning & analysis: Requirements planning, resource planning, predisposition, network optimization, controlling
  • Transport procurement: Tender management, vehicle and fleet cost accounting, incident management, assessment of service providers
  • Order management: Recording, track & trace, notification, billing
  • Planning: Route and tour planning, optimization, cockpit
  • Transport control: Telematics and apps for navigation, tracking, documentation

Our software enables, e.g., the following:

  • Capacity-related shipment routing via a customizable transport network structure
  • Navigation, shipment tracking and documentation via mobile devices
  • Optimal vehicle deployment considering the given time window while minimizing costs at the same time
  • Time savings through automated processes, e.g. in shipment tracking
  • Cost and revenue evaluation along the entire transport chain

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