• Awards

    TOP 100 Innovator 2016

PSI Logistics belongs to the most innovative companies in Germany

In June 2016 the TOP 100 were selected for the 23rd time, i.e. the most innovative companies of the German medium sized enterprises. More than 100 parameters were evaluated by the demanding and scientific selection process performed by the team of the chair for Enterpreneurship and Innovation of the Economic University of Vienna. Out of over 4000 contestants and 366 qualified applications we made it to the TOP 100 of the most innovative medium sized enterprises in Germany thanks to our very good innovation climate

The innovation process introduced in our company was most convincing. All the ideas and suggestions for improvement that are advanced to us by customers or staff are evaluated on a regular basis by a Product Board. Thus we implemented 150 suggestions for improvement in a single year.

The innovations often result from research projects that we perform together with partners such as the Fraunhofer institutes or the TU Berlin and the RWTH Aachen. For example, we recently developed the base for an IT system that determines the effects of traffic and weather data on a supply chain in real time and, if required, displays alternative measures. In addition we have developed the “Smart Parcel” based on “IBeacons” technology, an innovative application for shipment tracking. This allows packages to control their transport pathways themselves, use integrated sensors to capture movement and environment data such as temperature and location changes, and transmit their current location in real time.

At events such as the PSI Logistics Day we present our innovations to customers, consultants, representatives of universities and other interested parties in order to directly capture feedback. Our developers subsequently incorporate these suggestions when designing new innovation projects. This results in  innovative “hands on products”  at the highest level.

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