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    TOP 100 Innovator 2019

PSI Logistics belongs to the most innovative companies in Germany

For the second time since 2016, PSI Logistics has succeeded in making the leap into the innovation elite of German SMEs.

In the independent selection process based on a scientific system, the jury evaluated under the direction of the Vienna Science Professor Dr. Nikolaus Franke the innovation management of around 4,000 companies. We convinced the jury with our outstanding innovation climate and the resulting innovation successes for example the integration of methods and processes of Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

The terms 'autonomous driving', 'neural networks' and 'blockchain' are no longer new territory for our employees. However, neural networks have only been hyper sized more or less within the past two years, our applications are based on more than 30 years of concrete experience. For example, we have been equipping electric vehicles with sensors and software together with e.Go Mobile AG and RWTH Aachen University since 2019.

To realize such projects we combine agile working methods with classical project management. In addition, our maxim is: 'We put the better before the faster solution'. Flexible working hours, overtime compensation and active participation in the development of benefits are additional success factors. This are the best prerequisites for the implementation of future projects, such as cross-sector improvements in logistics at the airport, in the warehouse or in the entire supply chain.

Festive award from TOP 100 mentor
Ranga Yogeshwar on June 28, 2019
in Frankfurt. Source: TOP 100



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