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Close cooperation with universities and colleges







Member of the IFL research foundation


As a representative of IT providers, PSI Logistics has been involved in the Intralogistics research foundation/conveyor technology and logistics systems (IFL) from its inception in 2005.

All member companies jointly launch pre-competitive research projects. The aim of the industrial research association is the continuous development of innovative products within intralogistics. Intralogistics covers the organisation, management, implementation and optimisation of the internal material flow, and goods handling including all related information flows.

Currently, we are involved in the “CO2neutral logistics centre” research project. IFL members develop recommended actions step-by-step for energy-efficient logistics centres. The focus is on a holistic approach to energy needs and energy cycles in intralogistics buildings of different types. The recommended actions should later help logistics centre planners to find the optimum balance between the conveyor technology used, energy-efficient construction and building technology, as well as CO2neutral energy supply.

Social Engagement

We as PSI Logistics do not only feel an obligation to our employees, customers and partners, we are also committed to helping sick and disadvantaged people. We do that for example by providing financial support to social institutions every year:

Contact Person

Phillip Korzinetzki
Head of Marketing

Phone: +49 231 176 33-0

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