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The current projects focus on “logistics assistance systems”, “efficient vehicle utilisation through dual route and storage space optimisation” and “development of grid technologies for logistics companies”.

As an innovation driver and technology leader, we have been commissioned to carry out current research projects by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Technology, and the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.


The research project "Autonomous, person-related organisation of road traffic and digital logistics" (German: APEROL) aims at the implementation, testing and validation of a holistic approach for an optimised fully autonomous traffic which takes into account the individual needs of citizens and represents services for a fully autonomous transport system optimised for public acceptance. PSI Logistics was awarded the leadership of the project by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure.

Smart Logistic Grids

The “Smart Logistic Grids” project involves the development of a risk management system, which provides better handling alternatives based on improved information availability and seamless process-related integration of various players along a logistics network, therefore increasing efficiency and adaptability.


The largest European logistics research project, “EffizenzCluster LogistikRuhr”, covers a total of 17 projects. The “Supply Chain Execution” research project falls under the “Logistics as a Service” main theme. The object of the research project is the development of an inter-company logistics solution based on a service-oriented platform supported by mobile devices.

Universally usable solution modules for operational recording and controlling the material flow – for example in the furniture industry – have been created in the course of the research project.


The LogiLeit project is aimed at the monitoring and real-time management of the logistics systems of value-added logistics service providers. The focus is on the development of a cockpit-based management system for management, monitoring and tracing within and between logistics chains.

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