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  • PSI Logistics mission and values

Mission Statement

We sustainably improve our customers’ logistics processes by keeping close contact with them, constantly developing our software products and integrating innovations into our products.

Our values:

Innovation and technology.
We are leaders in innovation and technology, and want to help our customers to optimise their logistics with every product and release that we bring to market.

We are an international company which is aware of its social responsibility, is creative, values diversity, and treats and compensates employees fairly.

We strongly believe in beneficial and long-term partnerships on both sides, based on support, honesty, trust and commitment.

Expertise & Quality
We have a sound structure, are process-oriented, flexible and dedicated to continually achieving outstanding results.

Flexibility and customer orientation.
Our work focuses on the customer: We constantly improve quality and offer stable software solutions, problem-free interface links, simple user interfaces and flexible configuration options. We want to offer maximum benefit to our customers and to exceed their expectations.

Contact Person

Phillip Korzinetzki
Head of Marketing

Phone: +49 231 176 33-0

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