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As an innovation driver and technology leader, we have been commissioned to carry out current research projects by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Technology, and the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

The current projects focus on “logistics assistance systems”, “efficient vehicle utilisation through dual route and storage space optimisation” and “development of grid technologies for logistics companies”.

Participation in research projects

BSFZ - Bescheinigungsstelle Forschungszulage

Every company based in Germany is entitled to financial support if it engages in research and development activities. The „Bescheinigungsstelle Forschungszulage“ (BSFZ) confirms whether a research and development project is eligible for funding under the provisions of the Research Grant Act. It is possible to receive funding of up to one million euros annually. The BSFZ seal attests to the research and development work as defined by the Research Allowance Act from PSI Logistics.

TiC - Transport in Charge

The project "Transportation in Charge" has the goal to optimise the planning and use of charging infrastructure (LIS) at the level of business parks in such a way that companies have a practicable, cost-efficient and safe way to charge their vehicles according to demand and, at the same time, reduce the costs for their own infrastructure. In addition, the field tests will be carried out with the partners from the logistics industry in real-life operations to examine the approach in a practical environment and to test the practicality of the vehicles available so far for the various logistics tasks of the partner companies.


GreenTwin is a project that focuses on developing environmentally friendly regional logistics and supply for rural areas in the final stage. In particular, it aims to reduce CO2 emissions caused by private and business travel in rural areas. People living in remote "outer quarters" cause 430 tonnes (approx. 83 %) more CO2 emissions through their mobility behaviour on the last leg alone than a population of the same size in an "Urban City of Short Distances".


SilKe deals with the use of block chain technology to increase the transparency and safety of processes and structures in food production and logistics. The aim is to enable high-resolution traceability and at the same time ensure protection against counterfeiting. The target group of the intended solution includes all companies that are part of a food value chain - their interest in transparency to reduce data latency for identifying the causes of contamination and for locating products that have come into circulation is obvious.

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