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PSI Presents Telematics and Logistics Solutions at EuroCargo

Transport Management System (TMS) and air-freight handling focal point

PSI Awarded Logistics Contracts from Russia and Belarus

PSI warehouse management system for four additional sites

PSI with Increased Sales and Positive Result in Third Quarter

- Sales in third quarter climb by 8% to 29.6 million euros - Group generates 0.4 million euro EBIT and positive consolidated result - New orders for year reach 100 million euros

PSI Concludes Partnership Agreement with Russian IKT Group

Sales and Service Partnership for Russia and Eastern Europe

PSI Founds International Subsidiary in Moscow

Intensified sales and partner support for Russia

PSI Bundles Transport and Logistics Activities

… Berlin, 22 November 2006 – The Berlin PSI will bundle its transport and logistics activities in the future. The…

PSI Concludes Partnership Agreement with Malaysian InControl Tech

Expansion of sales and project activities in growth market Southeast Asia

PSI Concludes Partnership Agreement for Indian Energy Market

…Joint Sales of PSI network management systems with Easun Reyrolle

PSI Group with New Segment Structure Starting in 2007

… Berlin, 19 January 2007 - The PSI AG has implemented another important step toward modernization and export…
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