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Current cover story

Managing Complex Production from Day One

PSImetals Put to Use at ASAŞ ALÜMİNYUM

It’s incredibly exciting to build a plant from scratch, but it’s also anything but easy—and that’s exactly the challenge ASAŞ faced in 2014. In order to meet the challenges of increased production volumes, operational efficiency and customer satisfaction, the Turkish aluminum producer wanted to implement a state-of-the-art production management system at its new plant in Akyazı, Marmara region of Turkey. After hearing about PSImetals as a holistic solution for the metal industry, the decision was made to work and paint our joint future together.

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Recommended articles

KPI-based control of sustainability in business processes

Conserving resources has an enormous impact on improving sustainability in business processes. With the Qualicision-based optimizations integrated in the PSI software products, profitability and sustainability goals can be pictured at the same time. In this way, green KPIs can be integrated into the optimization of energy and production cycles. Active sustainability optimization becomes immediately possible, and AI methods of machine learning play an essential role here.

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Opportunities and limitations of remote ERP implementation

A successful and satisfying ERP implementation depends to a large extent on the human factor. The most important aspect is the communication between the various project participants. During the Corona pandemic, however, this communication often could only take place remotely—even in areas where digital collaboration had been rather unusual in the past. The interim conclusion is: For many topics, it works really well, and there are also plans to rely more on remote work in the future, too. But, does this also apply to remote ERP implementation?

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Itella Russia relies on PSIwms Warehouse Management System

Itella, one of the leading contract and transport service providers on the Russian market, receives international awards for its IT projects on a regular basis. Itella has been covering all changes in technological and intralogistic processes for over two decades using the PSIwms Warehouse Management System from the PSI Logistics Suite.

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