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The PRODUCTION manager is published four times a year and informs about the latest developments on the market for software solutions in the field of logistics and production.

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Current cover story

ERP Trends 2020

Rollout of Digitization Along the Entire Value-Added Chain

Digitization and smart factories have arrived in German industry. According to Statista, 48 percent of companies are in the process of implementing Industry 4.0 projects. Now it is a question of evaluating flagship projects and rolling out digitization along the entire value-added chain. Read more

Recommended articles

Logistics as a Success Factor

With the warehouse management system PSIwms from the PSI Logistics Suite, measurement technology specialist Mahr has sustainably optimized the processes for production supply and order manufacturing and reduced lead times. Networking with the ERP system PSIpenta ensures data exchange with reduced interfaces. Read more


Explainable AI by Means of Interpretable KPI Labels

Qualitative labeling as an AI method combines decision-making and optimization algorithms (DOA) with machine learning. The associated Deep Qualicision software learns to set DOA parameters efficiently, so that almost any DOA technique working on business process data can automatically adjust itself. In more general terms, the method can be used for learning relations that are created by any AI-based decision-making systems. Read more


A New Era of Quality Management

Quality is an issue that can be considered from several angles. Achieving the required quality efficiently is a matter of survival, and not just for premium producers. For that very reason, the wave of digitization offers great potential for increasing quality as a whole and making it easier to handle at the same time. Read more


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