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The PRODUCTION manager is published four times a year and informs about the latest developments on the market for software solutions in the field of logistics and production.

You will also find on our blog selected articles from the current issue as well as other interesting topics about energy supply and public transport.

Current cover story

Digitization Strengthens Competitiveness

10 ERP & MES trends that will shape the year 2021

The past year many companies have aced special challenges and made it clear how indispensable digitized processes are. We will show you why it is worthwhile to constantly develop your own ERP and MES and thus strengthen your own competitiveness and your value chain.

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Recommended articles

Learning algorithm for automated calculation of KPI preferences

Until today, optimization of performance measurement systems in companies has been based primarily on the empirical knowledge of individual participants. In the daily planning and control of processes, this leads to the fact that interactions between individual key figures are usually evaluated based on average simplifications. With the novel learning algorithm F9118, which has been included as a new functionality in the decision tool PSIqualicision, results significantly better and to the second can be achieved, making decisions much more precise.

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Würth Elektronik orders extended range of functions for PSIwms

To cover growing requirements and the complexity of changing intralogistics processes, Würth Elektronik eiSos GmbH & Co. KG relies on the warehouse management system PSIwms. The future-proof IT system supports the respective development steps and offers the company long-term investment security.

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How to trace the DNA of a coil with coilDNA

When people think of DNA analysis they often think about shows like CSI, which portray DNA samples coming into a lab and pulling up a picture of the suspect within a short period of time. Indeed, it is fascinating how only a single DNA fragment can be used to draw conclusions about a person! This concept can also be transferred to the metals industry.

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