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The "PRODUCTION manager" is the official newspaper for Logistics and Production of PSI. The newsletter is published four times a year at the end of each quarter. It informs about the latest developments for software solutions in our specific target markets.

The "PRODUCTION manager" can be ordered as subscription as well as an individual order. It is free of charge. Take advantage of our online registration. So you will be automatically informed about the latest news.


PRODUCTION manager 2-2018

Read more about:

  • Trust Matters: Extension of the PSImetals Caster Scheduler at ArcelorMittal Tubarão
  • Predictive Optimization with Deep Qualicision
  • Sensitivity Analysis - The Route to the Optimum Production Plan
  • Dieter Deutz and Dr. Herbert Hadler, Managing Directors of PSI Automotive & Industry: “We Cannot Shape the Future Without IoT”
  • Ingolf Heil and Dr. Hans-Thomas Nürnberg Talking About AI Methods and Potential for Optimization through Self-Learning Software
  • NPRA (Norwegian Public Roads Administration) and PSI Launch the Borealis Research Project: PSIroads/MDS Predicts AI-Based Journey Times
  • A Resounding Success: Hannover Messe Trade Fair
  • AISTech 2018—PSI at the Biggest Steel Conference in the World
  • Software Solutions for Digital Transformation at the Fourth PSI Logistics Day
  • A Visit to the Regional Meeting of the PSIpenta Customer Community in Berlin
  • Specific Inquiries Bring Success to our Trade Fair Appearance at LogiMAT 2018











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