e.GO Mobile AG relies on integrated IT infrastructure from PSI

PSIwms adaptive order start enables a KPI-oriented dispatching of orders, taking into consideration current capacities.

PSIwms warehouse management system controls intra-logistics processes

Berlin, 6 November 2017 – Aachener e.GO Mobile AG has contracted PSI Logistics GmbH with the implementation of the PSIwms warehouse management system. Together with the ERP system PSIpenta implemented by the PSI Automotive & Industry GmbH, the e-vehicle manufacturer will be using an integrated IT infrastructure from PSI for the control of the intra-logistics processes as well as production planning and control of the electrical city car e.Go Life.

PSIwms will first of all be implemented in the demo-factory at the RWTH Aachen Campus to support fabrication of the first prototypes. Starting in mid-2018, mass production of the e.GO Life is planned for a new production plant. With the serial production plant, which is currently under construction in the district of Aachen Rothe-Erde, a 16,000 square-meter large industry 4.0 showcase factory is being built. The serial production of electrical vehicles will be accomplished with an ultra-modern production plant. The holistic IT backbone for the intra-logistics, supply control and production in the assembly and logistic halls is provided by the PSI software, which is being transferred from the demo-factory to the new plant.

As early as July 2017, PSI Automotive & Industry was awarded the contract with PSIpenta as the ERP partner for the production network to manufacture the e.GO Life. With this contract for the PSIwms as the IT system for the coordinated control of the intra-logistics processes, the e-vehicle manufacturer has decided in favour of an integrated and future-oriented PSI IT infrastructure.

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