ERP System PSIpenta with Comprehensive New Functions in Release 9.4

Embedded standard reports in the client. Source: PSI Automotive & Industry

Embedded standard reports in the client. Source: PSI Automotive & Industry

Berlin, April 6, 2022 – The PSI Automotive & Industry GmbH provides extensive new functions in the new Release 9.4 of the ERP system PSIpenta. These include support for export processing, optimized text management, and embedded standard reports in the client as well as multi-language documents. In addition, new features enable customized order, production and personnel schedules.

In order to support export processes, the new release offers, for example, the possibility to map delivery embargoes, to specially mark and handle dual-use goods, and to store export lists and export licenses in the system. In addition, embedded standard reports can be visualized directly in the client, and authorization controls can be set.

A central administration of label designations and their translations allows the generation of multilingual documents. A dynamic and international address display with multi-line field is also available.

For wage and outward allocation, it is also possible to display the capacity utilization in order to recognize an overload of personnel and suppliers at an early stage. Furthermore, average actual times can be determined and used to update the target times in the work schedules.

Gantt diagrams supplement the previous visualization of complex production structures in table format. Additionally, new filters are available for the determination of delays. Due to the complete integration into the client, the critical path is marked and progress is monitored via level indicators.

The service management has been enhanced with additional industrial apps to support individual service processes. Along with the output, an import of ZUGFeRD and XInvoices is also possible. This enables the calculation of manufacturing costs on the basis of subsequently generated manufacturing networks across warehouse levels.

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