Ground Transportation Service at Hamburg Airport Orders PSIairport/BRS 3.5

Hand scanner and software for luggage handling.

Hand scanner and software for luggage handling.

PSI Logistics modernises hard and software infrastructure for baggage handling

Berlin, 20 November 2017 – PSI Logistics GmbH is delivering the new PSIairport/BRS 3.5 baggage reconciliation system for the controlling and documentation of the process sequences for baggage handling ground transportation at the Hamburg Airport. The order was placed by GroundSTARS GmbH & Co.KG, a subsidiary of the Flughafen Hamburg GmbH responsible for the baggage handling. In addition, PSI is delivering and implementing the hand scanners and the server system for the data storage.

With the release of the PSIairport/BRS 3.5 from the PSI Logistics Suite, the ground transportation service is organizing the conveyor technology in the airport building and the airplanes. PSIairport/BRS regulates the punctual transfer and loading/unloading of the luggage in the transport vehicles and airlines – including trolley management and cost allotment.

For the first time, PSIairport/BRS 3.5 now also offers inbound and outbound tracking of the luggage in accordance with the revised IATA Resolution 753, which goes into effect in mid-2018. In accordance with this, a permanent monitoring of luggage is required by the handover, loading and handling of transfer luggage. Eighty robust hand scanners and a separate server system for storing data and the integration in the process controlling will be used as the hardware.

GroundSTARS has signed a 5-year maintenance contract with PSI Logistics for the software and hardware components. The project start is in November 2017.

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