PSI AG Decides to Increase Capital from Approved Capital Financing for purchase of minority shares in PSI-BT

Berlin, 7 February 2005 – The Executive Board of PSI AG voted on 7 February 2005 to an increase in capital from approved capital by 1.1 million shares of stock at an emission price of EUR 3.50. The consent of the Supervisory Board to this capital increase was given by means of circular resolution. The new shares of stock have been placed with renowned investors from Germany and Switzerland. The flow of funding will serve to finance the takeover reported in December 2004 of the minority holding of the VDEh steel institute on the steel software subsidiary PSI-BT. Beyond that this step is to strengthen the position of PSI as the third biggest German software producer and prepare for further expansion.


By emitting 1.1 million new bearer share certificates, the company’s capital stock will be increased by EUR 2,816,000 from EUR 28,192,947 to EUR 31,008,947. The company will receive EUR 3.850.000.


PSI AG develops and integrates individual solutions, on the basis of its own software, for the management of large networks (electricity, gas, oil, telecommunications, transport), cross-company production management (steel, chemicals, machinery, automotive, logistics) and information management for government and service providers. PSI was founded in 1969 and employs 1,100 persons in the group.