PSI Polska and CCC S.A. Control Automatic Forklift Positioning System with Warehouse Management System

Automatic control system for forklifts. Source: Jungheinrich

Automatic control system for forklifts. Source: Jungheinrich

Berlin, 2 September 2020 – After integrating the PSIwms warehouse management system from PSI Logistics into Jungheinrich's forklift operation function, the forklifts can now be controlled automatically in the distribution center of the Polish retail company CCC S.A. This is intended to increase the efficiency and safety of warehouse operations in the CCC Group.

The PSIwms used by the CCC supports the continuous communication between the server and the forklift terminals and tracks their location in real time. Forklift operation is monitored and authorized simply by the operator scanning barcodes.

The scalable warehouse management system enables additional functions to be added, such as the use of automatically controlled forklift trucks with an additional control level. By integrating various functions in a single warehouse management system, the recording and processing of all data in warehouse operations is ensured in real time, thereby improving efficiency and reliability.

 “With an area of 55,000 square meters with narrow aisles, over 111,000 pallet spaces and almost 17.5 meter high shelves, the transport processes in our high-bay warehouse require exceptional accuracy and reliability. By using the combined system, we can now work more efficiently and at the same time guarantee maximum security,” explains Julita Barnowska, Logistics Director at CCC.

The CCC Group operates a retail network of 1.242 shops in 18 countries in Europe and beyond. Through its subsidiary S.A., CCC is also the leader of CEE’s footwear e-commerce business. With the headcount of 15.618 employees, the Group sells more than 40 million pairs of shoes annually.

Based on its own software products, PSI Group develops and integrates complete solutions for optimizing the flow of energy and material for utilities (energy networks, energy trading, public transport) and industry (metals production, automotive, mechanical engineering, logistics). PSI was founded in 1969 and employs 2,000 persons worldwide.