PSI Technology Awarded Contract for LogASS Real-time representation of logistic networks on RFID basis

Berlin, 22 April 2005 – The PSI AG has been awarded grants for the extension of its control system technology as part of the technology contest ”Next Generation Media“ sponsored by the Federal Ministry for Economy and Labor (BMWA). As a specialist for logistics software, in this project PSI is developing the basis of a visualization control system for intelligent logistic networks.


In the contest sponsored by the BMWA, PSI counts amongst the winners for applications of intelligent logistics networks. An independent jury with representatives from research, industry and associations selected 11 from a total of 150 project proposals. Over an average period of three years, these proposals will be supported with grants totaling 40 million euros.


LogASS will be an assistance system for the operation and visualization of logistics networks including RFID-aided data compiling. Within the research consortium PSI is primarily responsible for the field of visualization. Along with the proven PSI control system technology, the logistics competence of the PSI subsidiary PSI Logistics will be put to use.


In the project initiated by the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics (IML), IML and PSI as well as Audi, Bosch Siemens Haushaltsgeräte and SAP will be represented. The consortium of research, IT developers and industrial users want to develop a marketable concept for a cross-industrial assistance system. The object is to be able to consistently track and reproduce internal and external material flows in real time on the basis of RFID technology.


PSI AG develops and integrates individual solutions, on the basis of its own software, for the management of large networks (electricity, gas, oil, telecommunications, transport), cross-company production management (steel, chemicals, machinery, automotive, logistics) and information management for government and service providers. PSI was founded in 1969 and currently employs 1,100 persons in the group.