Cost-efficient small batch production for carmaker Next.e.GO Mobile

Next.e.GO Mobile SE manufactures electric vehicles using Industry 4.0 methods which “should be practical and affordable”. The basis for this is particularly high agility in production and logistics. A fully integrated IT system from PSI ensures the necessary logistical conditions and the implementation of the disruptive planning and production processes – and entirely without an assembly line.

Industry: Industry & Production

Location: Aachen, Campus der RWTH Aachen 

Employees: 450

"The systems provided by PSI enable us to manufacture cost-efficient small batches. They support a continuous, digital process chain allowing us to take advantage of the benefits of to the fullest extent of Industry 4.0."

Ernest Debetes

Vice President Information Technology and Digitalization


Next.e.GO vehicles in use (2023)


working hours per car 


number of units produced (target by 2021)

The challenge

10,000 electric cars are expected to leave the e. GO Mobile plant in the first few years. The company intends to triple the number of units manufactured by 2021: 30,000 vehicles could then be built in the production halls every year. This goal requires particularly efficient and interrelated processes – both horizontally and vertically. Especially since the company estimates only 17 working hours per car. In production, the company therefore no longer relies on the industry standard and rather restrictive assembly line production but works with driverless transport systems (DTS). They independently control freestanding workstations. The resulting changeability of production reduces the investment volume and provides OEM with significantly higher agility. Ultimately, this enables the production of batch size 1 under the conditions of series production. To control production and logistics processes, the company relies on an IT partner that can not only provide the supporting IT systems but also ensures a high degree of integration of all the software components involved.

Warehouse characteristics

  • Transport and storage of QA-blocked goods
  • Support of the QA check (yield/defective quantity) with mobile PSIwms client and alerting
  • Storage/order picking/replenishment control/ removal with shelf types modular shelves, flow-through shelves, pallet shelves
  • Route trains (route configuration via PSIwms client)
  • Automatic Kanban system (configuration via PSIwms client)
  • Manual Kanban supply (call at werker cockpit)
  • Sequencing (supply of assembly stations with orders in sequence)
  • Inventory management and inventory also of material in assembly area
  • Connection to Kanban system for C-parts of the company Bossard (SmartBin/SmartLabel)

Software in use

Deployed software: PSIwms, PSIpenta

Realized interfaces:

PSIwms: PSIpenta (ERP und MES) via RESTful web service



The solution

PSI software solutions, together with supplementary IT programs, secure the series production of vehicles. In addition to the ERP and MES suite PSIpenta, the warehouse management system PSIwms is one of the key elements. The processes are integrated from configuration in the web store to production technology on the shop floor. Production is controlled via workflows, which enables agile and adaptable production. The WMS is seamlessly integrated into the planning processes (MES and ERP systems) and provides the needs-based supply and disposal of the transport and assembly systems – especially between the two Next.e.GO plants (by means of kitting and value-added services or the time- and resource-optimized control). PSIcommand also provides an integrated solution for internal maintenance and external field service. PSI personnel deployment planning, Next.e.GO optimizes the deployment of existing personnel. Next.e.GO Mobile now has an integrated IT system that acts as an enabler of agile, state-of-the-art production.

PSI Logistics customers and their successes

Next.e.GO Mobile

Next.e.GO Mobile SE uses Industry 4.0 methods to produce electric vehicles that are “practical and affordable”. The basis for this is a particularly high level of agility in production and logistics.

FIEGE Logistik

FIEGE operates three million square metres of warehouse and logistics space worldwide. For warehouse management and process control, FIEGE relies on PSIwms in three logistics centres.


Klinikum Nürnberg

Nuremberg Hospital has a total of 42 institutions and various interdisciplinary centres. For the purpose of supplying all departments and locations, the hospital relies on PSIwms.

Koenig & Bauer Kammann

As a manufacturer of decoration machines, the company plans, designs and assembles at its plant in Löhne. PSIwms is used for the smooth handling of production logistics.


Up to 1.5 million garments leave LPP's 66,000 square metre distribution centre daily. Behind this is a logistical masterstroke, made possible in part by the use of PSIwms.


Mahr is a manufacturer of production measurement technology. For production supply and dispatch processing, Mahr relies on the PSIwms with integrated forklift control system - connected to the ERP system PSIpenta.

Mister Spex

Mister Spex relies on our WMS to optimise its logistics processes. At the logistics centre in Berlin-Siemensstadt, PSIwms controls the entire intralogistics and production supply.


MV WERFTEN operates three shipyards. Genting HK has cruise ships built at the three shipyard sites in Wismar, Rostock and Stralsund for the shipping companies belonging to its own group.


NOSTA Group offers logistics services along the entire value chain - on land, on water, on rails or in the air. NOSTA relies on PSIwms to control its material flows.

Robert Bosch

Robert Bosch uses PSIglobal to optimise existing logistics networks and design new ones. In 2017, the company achieved savings potential in the double-digit percentage range.

Rudolph Logstik Gruppe

The Rudolph Logistics Group is an internationally active logistics service provider and uses our PSIglobal in conjunction with the tender management module to manage its tasks.

Würth Elektronik eiSos

Würth Elektronik eiSos develops, manufactures and distributes electronic and electromechanical components for the electronics industry. Our PSIwms is used to handle the logistics processes.

Würth Elektronik France SAS

Würth Elektronik France guarantees delivery of all catalogue products within 48 hours. Würth relies on PSIwms for the swift and smooth handling of logistics processes.

Alfred Kärcher

For optimised storage and picking processes according to product-specific strategies, Kärcher relies on our warehouse management system PSIwms at the central logistics centre in Obersontheim.

Intelligent Warehousing

What makes a user-friendly WMS? Active monitoring with dashboard views

This video shows how the Warehouse Management System PSIwms makes clear evaluations at a glance using dashboard views with diagrams and traffic light functions from tabular data. Includes interface monitoring, logging of all changes and event tracking. To ensure that no important information is overlooked, event tracking also allows graphical analyses to be displayed on large screens.

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