• PSIsrs - Smart Routing Services

    Intelligent, proactive route planning for your logistics processes

Smart Routing Services – reliably determine the best possible route for your tours based on experiential algorithms and artificial intelligence

PSIsrs was developed specifically for the requirements of logistics and manufacturing, delivering high-precision routing results considering customized configurations.

Cost and time pressure, employee responsibility, reduced CO2 emissions, increasing complexity of the transportation network, etc.

There are quite a few requirements that you as a CEP and logistics service provider or shipper have to handle every day. As an experienced partner of the logistics industry, we have developed software that reliably supports you in optimally mastering the challenges of your route planning.

The result: Reduced handling time, costs and emissions through more efficient route planning.

PSIsrs – more than a route planner, driver knowledge included!

What can PSIsrs accomplish that Google Maps, for example, can’t? It’s quite simple: a customized configuration!

We consider your regional driver and dispatcher knowledge in our daily route planning. Whether special permits, permitted shortcuts, etc. – all information relevant to your drivers is stored in the system and considered for each new route planning. As a result, individual knowledge is transformed into swarm intelligence.

What does this mean for your logistics processes?

The knowledge of individual drivers or dispatchers is no longer lost when they are absent or sick, or when they leave the company. Even new or temporary drivers will quickly find their way around all routes.

We plan routes, you drive them – a common goal

Reduced fuel consumption and emissions

by calculating the shortest routes and optimizing the use of vehicles

Increased service quality

by precisely calculating the estimated time of arrival (ETA) thanks to the possibility of immediately reacting to unforeseen traffic obstacles

For optimal route planning, PSIsrs considers all available information on ...

source and destination information

  • Exact addresses and directions
  • Deliveries at scheduled dates
  • Infrastructural particularities
  • Access restrictions
  • Special requirements for the means of transport

vehicle fleet

  • Vehicle-specific configurations (load capacity, range, etc.)
  • Hazardous goods, heavy loads, security transports, cargo bikes
  • Current availability
  • E-vehicle charging


  • Speed profiles based on forecast data (e.g., risk of congestion depending on the time of the day, planned road works)
  • Real-time traffic information (route closures, etc.)
  • Restricted drive zones as well as exemptions
  • Management of e-charging stations (locations, occupancy information)
  • GIS and maps

Easy integration of routing results into TMS

Thanks to open web standards, the results from PSIsrs can be quickly and easily transferred to any transport management system for your route planning. This enables you to work consistently with valid data that can be relied on all the time.

Good to know

How you benefit from our software-based route planning

  • Fast and high-quality routing results (industrial route planning)
  • Vehicle and regional configurations
  • Dispatcher knowledge is directly incorporated into routing
  • Powerful matrix calculation
  • Industry-standard and quality-tested OpenStreetMap data
  • Multi-cloud and on-premises implementations
  • Full support for route planning algorithms at API level
  • PSI geodata service for updates and configuration
  • Reduced fuel consumption and emissions
  • Transfer of data via interface to upstream/downstream systems, such as TMS, route planning, etc.

Any questions? Are you interested?

Contact us, we will be happy to assist you.

Rüdiger Stauch
Head of Sales

phone: +49 6021 366-561
e-mail: sales@psilogistics.com

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