PSIwms Expert Training Modeling & Optimization K1

This PSIwms expert training goes into detail. As a participant, you will learn how to model all processes, goods flows, topologies, parameters in PSIwms in a separate configuration tool or via dialog in the PSIwms client. For example, it is possible to achieve a wide range of solutions through simple or complex sets of rules without the need for customization through programming. After completion of the training, you can independently carry out configurations for efficient and optimize warehouse control.

What content is taught?

In the PSIwms Expert Training Modeling & Optimization K1 we discuss the following topics, among others:

  • Configuration methodology
  • Configuration of topology
  • Configuration of transport unit management
  • Configuration of warehouse management
  • Configuration of transport management, incl. route table
  • Configuration of order picking management, incl. order picking parameters
  • Configuration of provisioning management

Who are the addressees?

We recommend attending this training if you ..

  • are responsible for smooth processes or process optimization in the warehouse, e.g. as a process engineer or control center employee

Participation requirement:

  • Participation in the PSIwms trainings User A1 and Testing T1

What added value does the training offer you?

  • You will learn about the configuration methodology integrated in PSIwms to adapt the system to changing requirements and optimize it for your purposes
  • To consolidate what you have learned, you will receive free access to our PSIwms training system during the training and until the end of the following month after completion of the training; an extension is possible for a fee
  • Certified knowledge building, evidenced by the delivery of a certificate of participation
  • Possibility of exchanging with other participants

Additional information:


3 days of classroom training (full day) or 5 days of online training (half day)

We currently only offer online training, please contact us for a classroom training.


German (DE) or English (EN); dates for training courses in English on request

Registration period:

2 weeks before the training starts


€ 2.160,- net

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