PSIwms Basic Training PSI-Click-Design A2

The PSI-Click-Design integrated in PSIwms allows you to flexibly adapt the PSIwms interface to your needs. In this training course, you will learn which options are available to you and how to create user-specific dialog combinations, your own detail views or filter definitions. After completing the training, you will be able to customize existing masks and create new masks to optimize your or your employees' work when using PSIwms.

What content is taught?

In the PSIwms Basic Training PSI-Click-Design A2 we discuss the following topics, among others:

  • Creating different profiles, e.g., menu, workplace, window
  • Configuration of overview dialogs (selection of columns, sorting orders, grouping, coloring definition)
    • Customization of screen mask layouts (filters and detail dialogs)
    • Composition of merged dialogs (CVC)

      Who are the addressees?

      We recommend attending this training if you ...

      • want to take advantage of the possibility to fully exploit the usability of PSIwms by setting up area-specific work masks
      • belong to the control center personnel or would like to deepen the topic as a user or PSIwms software tester

      Participation requirement:

      • Participation in the PSIwms Basic Training User A1

          What added value does the training offer you?

          • You get a detailed insight into the functionality of PSI-Click-Design for optimizing your work processes
          • To consolidate what you have learned, you will receive free access to our PSIwms training system during the training and until the end of the following month after completion of the training; an extension is possible for a fee
          • Certified knowledge building, evidenced by the delivery of a certificate of participation
          • Possibility of exchanging with other participant

            Additional information:


            1 day of classroom training or 1 day of online training

            We currently only offer online training, please contact us for a classroom training.


            German (DE) or English (EN); dates for training courses in English on request

            Registration period:

            2 weeks before the training starts


            € 720,- net

            Booking request for training attendance

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