PSIwms PSI-Click-Design A2

Objective & contents

This training is aimed at key users and staff in control centers. Participants learn how to personalize the interface of PSIwms by means of profiles and how to create their own screens by means of PSI Click Designs.

Several individual screens can be linked to a new screen in a process-oriented way so that users can see all desired information directly in this single screen and can navigate through the data by a click. All these possibilities are immediately and directly available to the user.

Topics include e.g.:

  • Creating profiles, e.g. menu, workplace, window
  • Grouping and aggregating
  • Filter layout
  • Configurable View Composition (CVC)
Duration1 day
LanguageEnglish (EN) and German (DE)
Target audienceKey users, shift supervisors, staff in control centers, testers
Registration period2 weeks prior to the training

Prerequisites for participation:

  • Participation in the training “PSIwms User A1”

Booking request for training attendance

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