PSIwms Report R1

Objective & contents

This course is aimed at employees who want to create their own printouts or labels for their PSIwms system with Jasper Reports.

The course teaches SQL basics and includes an introduction to the PSIwms data model. It also illustrates how to create reports with Jasper Reports and how to integrate reports using the display in the dialog.

Topics are e.g.:

    • PSIwms data model
    • User interface of Jasper Reports
    • Database connection (DB-Connect)
    • Barcodes
    • Sub-reports, graphical representations
    • Display of reports in the dialog (dashboard reports)
    • Principles of printing in PSIwms (POS = Print Output Service)
    Duration2 days
    LanguageGerman (DE)
    Target audienceEmployees who support PSIwms on the IT side.
    Registration period2 weeks prior to the training

    Prerequisites for participation:

    • Participation in the training "PSIwms User A1"
    • Basic SQL knowledge

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