• PSIairport/CCTV

    High resolution video tracking based on Neural Networks

CCTV combines high-resolution video tracking and documentation with AI methods for object detection and classification. This solution delivers a complete real time localization system based on video supervision to track baggage or any kind of carriers, boxes or parcels in a sorting center.

Qualicision-based object classification with neural networks identifies baggage, labels and baggage characteristics in real time. This information combined with PSIairport/BHS dispatching and PSIairport/BRS tracking system data leads to a high quality baggage handling process.

Conveying systems tracking functionality with hundreds of barcode readers are simplified and partly replaced by our high-resolution video-based tracking. On-the-fly detection with video coding reduces the load on No-Read-Terminals. With fewer exceptions, we realize a significant quality improvement on a higher automation level.

Effective baggage manage­ment with PSIairport/BHS

Features PSIairport/CCTV

  • Visual baggage tracking on conveyors and sorting machines
  • Label identification
  • Exception Handling on-the-fly

Your benefits

  • Real-time baggage classification from check-in to the aircraft
  • Higher automation level
  • Reduction of no-reads
  • Process optimization via live streaming

PSIairport function overview

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