Forecasts and projections

More planning reliability through factual data

Supply chain requirements change. In order to take better account of potential changes in your planning, a shipment manipulator and shipment generator are provided in PSIglobal. These act as high-performance instruments for preparing authoritative forecast data.

Shipment manipulator: Enhancement of historical shipment or order data with validated company-specific forecast specifications (e.g. on future demographic or financial trends, and global/industry-specific trends).

Shipment generator: Generation of virtual data on potential future orders or shipments based on the actual forecasts (e.g. for simulating new markets, items, customer groups).


  • Modelling of expected or planned changes according to target
  • Takes account of current trends with regard to demographics and financial data worldwide
  • Consideration of current trends in the market

Your benefits

  • Early detection and reduction of risks in developing new markets
  • Review of the supply chain robustness as required, with regard to volume fluctuations
  • Long-term planning on the basis of future structures

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