Supply Chain Network Design with PSIglobal

Supply chain analysis, planning and optimization software

What can you achieve with PSIglobal?

PSIglobal supports you in establishing and maintaining an efficient, service-optimized, resilient and sustainable supply chain.

Benefit from continuous optimization of your logistics network with PSIglobal:

  • Reduce logistics costs by up to 10 % and more
  • Increase service orientation in the distribution network with reduced throughput times and an improved customer service level
  • Increase transparency in SCM thanks to transparent map display, dashboards and KPIs
  • Calculate and optimize carbon footprint
  • Minimize supply chain risks by considering unforeseen incidents
  • Optimize freight purchasing

How does PSIglobal contribute to achieving your objectives?

Intelligent analysis and optimization functions in the software enable you to use so-called what-if scenarios to model your existing logistics networks or those to be newly developed.

The basis for this is the mapping of your supply chain as a digital model, the so-called digital twin. This enables you to look at different scenarios that simulate the impact of possible events on the supply chain.

The calculations in PSIglobal can be used to determine existing cost and service potentials to achieve an optimal weighting of target interests in your supply chain (e.g., cost reduction vs. service level improvement). In addition, the software provides information about potential supply chain risks so that you can initiate appropriate measures to increase supply chain resilience at an early stage.

The sustainability calculations, analyses and optimizations integrated in PSIglobal support you in establishing a sustainable and future-proof supply chain management.

Digital twin: Mapping of the real model of the supply chain as a digital, data-driven image in PSIglobal

Why is PSIglobal the right choice for your company?

Our Supply Chain Network Design software is equally suitable for project-related use as well as for the continuous analysis of KPIs, with the aim of constantly improving your supply chain and logistics processes.

Because PSIglobal is not only linear but more complex/ realistic tariff structures can be modeled. Similarly, single- and multi-level networks can be easily mapped with the software. In addition, you have the option of modeling down to the item and order level.

In particular, the simple and extensive possibilities for data preparation with a wide range of functions for answering strategic questions in the design and optimization of logistics chains, make the use of PSIglobal an indispensable tool for the analysis, planning and optimization of supply chains.

Graphical views turn tabular data into easy-to-understand evaluations. This ensures maximum transparency in supply chain design.

Our software for supply chain network design provides answers to a wide range of questions concerning the strategic planning of your logistics network

How can you increase the resilience of your supply chain?

Supply chain management is essentially about ensuring that the customer receives his ordered goods in the desired quantity and at the specified time. However, the supply chain – from procurement, production and warehouse to delivery – is exposed to a wide variety of risks. Increasingly, the question arises as to how flexibly a supply chain must be set up to be able to react quickly to crises and avert damage.

Learn more about this topic in the blog article and video:

Robust Supply Chains Through Strategic Risk Management

Network Optimization in Distribution Logistics

How can the carbon footprint of your supply chains be reduced?

When it comes to the strategic orientation of companies, the topic of sustainability and thus the pur-suit of ecological and economic action is increasingly becoming the focus of public attention. In ad-dition, companies are confronted with new legal requirements regarding sustainable value creation and logistics processes. This raises one question: How can I analyze and evaluate my current net-work?

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Software for the calculation of CO2 emissions when planning routes

How do you achieve cost-efficient distribution of your distribution locations while maintaining the best possible service level?

The more efficient your supply chain processes are, the more you can meet your customers' needs and expectations. The structure of your logistics network can have a significant influence on this. The number and location of production and warehouse locations in your distribution network represent a critical success factor.

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Optimizing distribution logistics - how to design a forward-looking supply chain network

How do you design an efficient procurement network to supply your production locations?

Many companies rely on a wide variety of suppliers to supply their production. To ensure a continuous and efficient production supply, the question arises to what extent the establishment of consolidation warehouses can contribute to optimization. A calculation of different scenarios provides information about possible improvement potentials.

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Optimization of logistics networks: Procurement logistics for the supply of production sites

Our PSIglobal solution in detail

What should you do if your supply chain has inefficiencies, such as unfavorable warehouse utilization or declining service quality? Or the historically grown network structure no longer meets the current requirements of the market?

A forward-looking supply chain network design with PSIglobal provides you with answers.

Together with our partners, we drive your business

Start with a specific project and discover the functions of PSIglobal step-by-step.

Our goal is to familiarize you with the system as quickly as possible so that you can work independently with PSIglobal. To achieve this, we support you in the implementation of your first projects.

In addition, we have strong partners who contribute to the success of your projects with their many years of know-how in supply chain management.

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