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With our videos and blog articles, you will gain PSIglobal insights and an idea of how our solution helps to answer widespread questions on supply chain network design.

Learn more about topics such as holistic procurement and distribution network optimization, route optimization, sustainability (carbon footprint), supply chain resilience, transportation cost optimization and much more.

Videos on network planning and optimization in logistics

Cost, Resilience and Sustainability in Network Optimization - Part 2

Cost efficiency, resilience and sustainability in logistics networks do not always go hand in hand.
In part 2 of our showcase, we will show you how to use PSIglobal for a resilience optimized network (part 1) to compare the dependency between costs and CO2 emissions of customer deliveries in different scenarios in order to achieve an optimal trade-off between the two variables.

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Cost, Resilience and Sustainability in Network Optimization - Part 1

Cost efficiency, resilience and sustainability in logistics networks do not always go hand in hand.
In Part 1 of our showcase, see how you can achieve sustainable improvements in your supply chain resilience, considering costs and the utilization of your warehouse capacity. With PSIglobal, you determine which customer allocation scenarios improve the capacity utilization in addition to the cost situation.

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Optimal route planning considering CO2 emissions

PSIglobal supports you on your way to a green supply chain and opens up the possibility of achieving significant optimization and savings potential in route planning. In addition to cost- and workload-optimized allocation of customer shipments to master routes, the software enables you to report greenhouse gas emissions (carbon footprint) according to EU standard DIN EN 16258.

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Determine optimal location for a new distribution warehouse

You are facing the question of what the optimal location distribution looks like in your distribution network? Do you want to open up new markets via an additional location or improve the level of service for your customers? Or are you possibly threatened with the closure of one of your locations in the medium term? In this case, we recommend that you check in good time how you can optimally adapt and design your distribution network. We will show you how PSIglobal can support you with various scenarios and detailed analyses.

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Optimization of a European distribution network

With PSIglobal, you will get answers to questions like: What impact do different network strategies (centralized vs. decentralized), an additional location, or a relocation have on the service level of my distribution network? How do I achieve an optimal cost and service level by optimizing the function of location optimization?

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Relocation or consolidation of warehouses for production supply

We will show you how to optimize procurement logistics networks using PSIglobal software. The calculation of different scenarios provides information about possible improvement potentials by relocating or merging consolidation warehouses for production supply.

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Increase supply chain resilience through a stable supply chain

Do you want to know if and how the loss of a supplier or production facility in your network can be absorbed by increasing capacity elsewhere? And how does this affect your total cost situation? PSIglobal performs the calculations of transport, warehouse and production costs for you in the shortest possible time, so that you have clarity within a few minutes.

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Calculate crisis scenarios using the example of Brexit

Being well-prepared for times of crisis or changing conditions, who wouldn't want that? Using the example of Brexit, we will show you how you can use PSIglobal to calculate and compare different solution scenarios to create a transparent basis for decision-making.

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Blog articles on supply chain network design

Active Risk Management for Stable Supply Chains – Is the Just-In-Time Model Dead?

The past few years have taught us a lot about crises and a lack of precautions. One thing above all: crises are inevitable. They come and go, some keep us busy longer than others. But how do you plan for the unpredictable? What measures do companies need to plan ahead for century-long events like pandemics and global supply shortages?

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Competitive Advantages Through a Green Supply Chain

Sustainability has become a core issue in the logistics industry. After all, reducing the carbon footprint is an important competitive factor today. How can software help you identify and reduce CO2 emissions while improving the economics of your transportation logistics through intelligent supply chain network design?

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Robust Supply Chains Through Strategic Risk Management

What happens when unforeseen events paralyze supply chains? When efficiency and cost optimization become secondary and basic supply must be ensured? Using strategic planning with PSIglobal, companies can check and increase the robustness of their value chains in advance and thus better protect themselves against crises.

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Fit for Brexit with Smarter Logistics Software

Intelligent software systems help companies reduce uncertainty, including in the case of Brexit. To secure important supply chains, PSIglobal can be used to determine the optimal variant for the network design in advance in various scenarios.

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