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    GIS and geodata


The number of geographic data providers has fallen sharply worldwide in recent years. A reliance on specific suppliers is therefore unsustainable and also risky. In order to keep track of our customer requirements in this sector, we have created an alternative link in the current release to the freely available data and services of the OpenStreetMap Community. From now, this can be used either by itself or in addition to existing data in the company for which a fee is charged.

  • Geocoding: Global encoding of address data in UTF-8 format.Whether it’s now 北京, Běijīng, Pei-ching or Beijing, we localise your sites based on current planet.osm data.
  • Distance calculation: Once localised, a high-performance OSM route calculates the required routes as well as distance and journey time matrices.
  • Grid map overlay: Pre-calculated OSM grid maps form the background.Within our GIS components, you can register any grid map services (tiles) and display them as a background layer.

Your own OSM server

Due to their standardised interfaces, OSM services can nowadays be used from the cloud, i.e. directly from the internet, and mostly free of charge. However, the risk involved in sending company-related information to an unknown service end point must be questioned. PSI offers its customers a solution to this problem by installing their own OSM company server.

Your benefits

  • No reliance on commercial geodata providers
  • No required language and character set
  • Global localisation of sites
  • Global routing
  • Critical data does not leave your company

    Photos (top to bottom, ltr): © didecs/iStockphoto