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Our solution for supply chain network design – modular design, flexible use

Start with a concrete project and learn step-by-step about the individual functions of our supply chain system.

Do you feel that you don’t have a handle on the amount of data in your supply chain design and that your spreadsheet program is reaching its limits? Do you also lack transparency and do you miss clear evaluations?

PSIglobal turns your data into meaningful information.

Are you wondering about the optimal number and location of logistics locations in your network? Or do you want to know what impact a new location or a relocation or consolidation will have on the costs, delivery times and service levels of your procurement or distribution network?

 PSIglobal helps you find suitable locations.

Are you wondering how many vehicles are needed at logistics locations to handle shipments made for procurement or distribution? What types of vehicles are best? What is the average length and utilization of your master routes? What does your carbon footprint look like?

 PSIgobal supports you in setting up your route planning in the best possible way.

Are you facing the challenge of planning the optimal routing of your shipments through your logistics network? Are you unsure whether the existing warehouse, handling and transport capacities are sufficient for transporting new shipments, or where you should expand capacities?

With PSIglobal, you can take a close look at the flow of goods in your network.

Would you like to know how capacity bottlenecks in your production and at your suppliers affect your network? What happens when suppliers or production facilities fail? And what would your optimal sourcing strategy have to look like: make-or-buy, global vs. local, single vs. multiple?

PSIglobal helps you optimize the procurement strategies.

Do you want to reduce your transport costs and distribute your shipment volume to a limited number of logistics service providers in a cost-optimized way? Or are you wondering what the best possible zoning looks like?

PSIglobal supports you in evaluating, comparing and selecting service providers.

Fast calculations despite extensive data – the technical PLUS of PSIglobal

PSIglobal uses heuristic methods to perform the supply chain optimization calculations. In summary, this means for you:

  • High quality of calculated solutions
  • Short calculation times
  • No need for model abstraction
    Calculation possible at shipment, order & article level
  • High flexibility through data models that can be adapted to your requirements
  • Possibility to map complex tariff structures (mapping of degressive, fixed-step or compound tariffs possible)

Any questions? Are you interested?

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Cindy Schmidt
Sales Manager PSIglobal

phone: +49 231 17633-232

Discover the potential of artificial intelligence in supply chain network design

AI-based methods enable us to provide comprehensive evaluations and forecasts for specific application problems within a very short time.

For this purpose, the analysis possibilities of the industrial intelligence software Deep Qualicision are available for you.

For more details on AI in supply chain network design, click here.

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