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Data management in supply chain network design projects

Do you feel that you don’t have a handle on the amount of data in your supply chain design and that your spreadsheet program is reaching its limits? Do you also lack transparency and do you miss clear evaluations?

PSIglobal transforms your data into meaningful information.

Goodbye, Excel - make better decisions based on valid data

The decisions to be made in supply chain management are crucial – for the entire company. It is about time to leave isolated solutions and sometimes incomplete calculations in Excel behind. With PSIglobal, we have developed software for supply chain network design that enables you to make informed decisions based on a valid database.

Automated collection, linking and provision of your data

Only by combining all planning-related data, such as shipment items, item master data, location information, transport orders, freight rates and cost structures, key performance indicators, capacities, customer SLAs, etc. in one system, can a reliable information basis be created to ensure effective logistics optimization.

Our supply chain network design solution accomplishes this step by importing necessary information from various sources:

  • PSIglobal supports all common databases (MariaDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, Oracle, H2, MS Access)
  • Processing of CSV files and MS Excel spreadsheets
  • Direct access to ERP, WMS and TMS systems possible

Complex data and structures clearly presented

Calculations with spreadsheet programs usually only allow you a limited visual processing of your data. Important information remains hidden at first glance. PSIglobal, on the other hand, shows you tabular data in the form of map views and graphics. For example, your customer, shipment or article structure can be visualized.

The clear evaluations quickly show how individual changes in the network structure affect the performance of your supply chain. You receive all important information at a glance. This ensures maximum transparency in supply chain network design.

Graphically visualize potential in the supply chain network and seize opportunities

Your benefits

  • No rigid data templates – flexible, fast and easy integration of PSIglobal into your IT landscape
  • Verification of the ACTUAL data
  • Condensation of all data into a reliable planning basis
  • Multi-criteria extrapolation of actual data for future scenarios
  • Meaningful map representations
  • Quick access to standard analyses – important information at a glance
  • Simplified representation of complex data and structures
  • Easy connection to all common BI tools

Function overview PSIglobal



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