PSIglobal Logistics network routing

Optimization of shipment management in multi-level supply chains

What is the optimal routing of your shipments through your network?

PSIglobal offers you the possibility to solve this task considering the utilization and costs of the warehouse, handling and transport capacities of your network.

Consideration of the flow of goods in logistics networks


Time- and cost-optimized utilization of your supply chain is essential for the success of your company. Therefore, it is advisable to take a look at the routing of your shipments within your network at regular intervals.

With the logistics network routing integrated in PSIglobal, an optimization of the flow of goods can be carried out across the entire logistics network and thus across all transport stages. For example, check whether it makes sense to control hub "X" or whether it would be better to control hub "Y" in the future due to increased node utilization of the hub. With this approach, you can easily identify cost-intensive and underutilized routes through the network or integrate new shipments into the existing logistics structure.


Multimodal network optimization


You can calculate the optimal assignment of suppliers and customers to the network nodes, or you can determine the optimal route through the network for individual shipments. The logistics network used as a basis for flow optimization can be made multimodal through the possibility of integrating schedules of any carrier.

Your benefits

  • Transparent logistics network routing
  • Early detection of bottlenecks
  • Optimal response to resource failure (rerouting in case of location closure or route closure)

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