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Freight cost optimization and optimal selection of logistics service providers

Do you want to know how to reduce your transport costs and distribute your shipment volume to a certain number of logistics service providers in a cost-optimized way? Or are you wondering what the best possible zoning looks like?

PSIglobal supports you in evaluating, comparing and selecting service providers.

Compare and correctly evaluate tariffs of logistics service providers

It is not uncommon for companies to fail to find the optimal logistics service provider mix for themselves, as there is simply a lack of transparency when comparing offers.

PSIglobal enables you to create a uniform template for your transport tender. Tariff offers received can be imported and compared and evaluated quickly and easily based on existing shipment data. This allows you to make the most cost-optimized selection of a predefined number of service providers. The allocation of service providers can be varied at zip code level and depending on other shipment properties such as weight, volume or loading meter. This is how you find the optimal partners for your needs.

Individual and exact offers in six steps with PSI Tender Management for logistics service providers

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Your benefits

  • Full transparency in the distribution of shipment volumes
  • Distribute shipments to different logistics service providers in a cost-optimized way
  • Tailor distribution areas to optimize costs
  • Reduce internal processing effort through standardization of the tender process

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