PSIglobal Strategic route planning & carbon footprint

Strategic route planning & carbon footprint in supply chain network design

How many master routes start at warehouses per day, how many vehicles are needed at your network's locations, what is the average length and utilization of routes, and what impact does route planning have on the sustainability of your supply chain?

PSIglobal calculates the required vehicle fleet, the master routes to be driven and the CO2 emissions associated with the transports for you.

Strategic design of routes at optimal costs in logistics networks


Route planning has a significant impact on the success of your supply chain. Underutilized routes lead to an inefficient supply chain. Route planning with PSIglobal provides you with information about the number of framework routes and the average vehicle fleet required for each location. Among other things, the correct sequence of the loading and unloading points to be approached, the distances covered and travel times as well as the costs incurred are shown. This way, the volume of load carriers can be optimally allocated to the vehicle types to be used.

Consideration of individual vehicle fleets in route planning

Software for the calculation of CO2 emissions when planning routes – for a Green Supply Chain

Making logistics chains more sustainable and achieving climate targets


In addition to the factors of cost and time, the sustainability of supply chains is playing an increasingly important role. Knowing what carbon footprint your supply chain generates is essential in terms of meeting customer expectations and regulatory requirements. With PSIglobal, we enable you to calculate the expected energy consumption of your transports and to derive the CO2 emissions according to EU standard DIN EN 16258.

Your benefits

  • Determination of cost- and utilization-optimized routes
  • Determination of the cost- and utilization-optimized vehicle fleet
  • Uniform and fast balancing of emissions
  • Realization of specified efficiency and climate targets

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