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    Planning and optimisation

If vulnerabilities are found in the network, they must be resolved through suitable structure optimisation processes. PSIglobal offers you a customisable optimisation model, in which the relevant requirements, factors and cost functions can be defined.

As in a modular system, you can select individual optimisation processes for various logistics issues and interlink them.

Simulate trends, shape the future

Do you need to know “what if” when planning and optimising your supply chain? The PSIglobal scenario technology gives you the answers. This means that you can test various current scenarios and different trends, as well as the effects of changed structures or volumes on a supply chain, and make comparisons with regard to quantity and quality.


  • Copy, duplicate, delete and manipulate scenarios with all included objects
  • Determine the validity of a scenario via the sensitivity analysis
  • Share and allocate resources in manageable units
  • Manage and compare the structure of calculation results
  • Dialogue configurations which can be stored and documented
  • Infinite scenarios according to requirements

Target and cost functions

Logistics networks are evaluated in PSIglobal via cost functions which determine the price of transport, handling and/or storage of a shipment. PSIglobal can also work with straight-line cost functions (e.g. kilometres per quantity) or an imported weight and distance-related rate. The calculation of the shortest journey time or the shortest distance can be used as the basis of the target function. Special project or customer-specific cost functions are also available, e.g. CO2 emissions.

Site optimisation

PSIglobal determines the optimal number and location of logistics sites (warehouse, handling, hub, etc.) based on an actual volume. The optimisation process used is therefore in a position to calculate using actual cost functions.

Service level

PSIglobal determines the optimal number of sites per transport stage, based on the default relations and taking account of a defined service level. The service level over various transport stages can be improved by increasing the number of depots or direct journeys. Any additional costs incurred as a result are shown.

Route planning

Route planning with PSIglobal determines the number of routes and the required vehicle fleet (on average) per site. This gives you the optimal routes for each hub and day. The correct sequence of the loading and unloading points, distances covered and journey times, and the costs incurred are all displayed. Combined with the existing storage space optimisation, carrier volumes can be optimally allocated in the vehicle types that are used, whilst taking unloading point configurations (LIFO) into account.

Multimodal optimisation

Optimisation of the flow of goods throughout the logistics network, and therefore all transport stages, can improve a transport network. PSIglobal provides the option of improving the allocation of suppliers and customers to hubs, or determining the best route for individual shipments via the network. The network on which the flow optimisation is based is multimodal in structure, since schedules from any carrier can be integrated.

Transport and warehouse cost optimisation

PSIglobal provides professional allocation optimisation in the form of its “Transport vs. Warehousing Cost Assignment” process. This helps minimise the combined transport and warehouse costs of a logistics network. The method is shipment-based, takes account of actual depot capacities and is in a position to look at a possible capacity expansion if warehouse costs rise – i.e. by renting additional space or extending a depot.

Tendering/service provider selection

PSIglobal supports the evaluation, comparison and selection of service providers. Import the entered rate offers and evaluate them based on existing transport data. Find the ideal partner for your needs, or use PSIglobal to determine the best service provider mix.

Production optimisation

Define the optimal production quantities/plans, taking into account existing capacities, required distribution volumes, production, set-up and logistics costs. PSIglobal optimises your flow of goods through the entire logistics network from source to final recipient.

Your benefits

  • Optimise your own logistics with immediate effect. We hold special training sessions to train your staff on everything they need to know with regard to working with PSIglobal, and implementing tactical or strategic optimisation projects.
  • Replace external consultation with internal expertise.
  • Review and gradually improve the existing quality of data in your company, through constant analysis of KPIs and data mining.
  • Prepare regular reports or concise, informative management presentations.

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