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  • PSIglobal 

    Projects and scenarios

PSIglobaloffers useful functions for all classic phases of a logistics optimisation project. From data transfer from third-party systems, vulnerability analysis, modelling of structures and cost functions, scenario calculation, through to realisation, you will find the perfect solution in our software.

Your benefits:

    • Comprehensive tool kit for working on logistics optimisation
    • Support for all project phases, right through to realisation
    • Acquire knowledge quickly, so that quick wins can be realised
    • High-performance processing of even large volumes of data
    • Any number of parallel projects
    • NDAs adhered to by controlling permissions on a project level

            Project Phases PSIglobal

            1. Data transfer / mapping the actual situation

            • IT systems: ERP, WMS and TMS 
              (Direct link from database or IT systems)
            • Logistikdaten: Orders/shipments, Order items/shipment items, Addresses, Items/stock, Cost rates/tariffs, Production plans, Bill of materials, Forecasts

            2. Vulnerability analysis

            Analysis of processes and costs, identifying potential savings

            • Flow of goods
            • Shipment structures
            • Service levels
            • Stocks
            • Transport/routes
            • Tariffs/cost rates

            3. Modelling

            Customised mapping of your logistics network

            • Support for customisable optimisation models
            • Selection of the right optimisation method
            • Extensive parametrisation of all functions
            • Plug-in concept, development of business-specific add-on modules
            • Total cost approach, taking account of actual service level agreements

            4. Scenario calculation

            All scenarios can be defined by the user

            Some typical scenarios are set out below:

            • Scenario A
              Actual status (basis for comparison). Show current status and current key indicators.
            • Scenario B
              Ideal status (greenfield planning). Number and location of sites can be changed.
              The maximum possible cost saving is determined.
            • Scenario C
              Allocation optimisation. Allocation of customers to actual sites, taking into account existing warehouse capacities. Determine quick wins.
            • Scenario D
              Site optimisation taking into account forecast volumes and various changes to framework parameters (sensitivity analysis).
            • Scenario E
              Actual scenarios. Definition of feasible structures between ideal and actual status.

            5. Realisation support

            Logistics optimisation project doesn’t end with presentation of the results

            With PSIglobal you can also support the key implementation steps:

            • Review of bids (final site selection)
            • Tender evaluations
            • Service provider selection
            • Definition of Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
            • Determine the optimal initial stock.

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