Billing and controlling in transport management

Charge for what can be billed – and immediately. PSItms supports automated billing, ensuring that the billing of your rendered services is timely and complete. For this purpose, our TMS has various documentation, accounting and controlling functions.



All billing-relevant data in one system

Often, transport companies are faced with the challenge of laboriously researching the gap between customer contracts and service recording. Our transport management system closes this gap automatically. PSItms manages your customer contracts for logistics services, collects all relevant process information on services provided, e.g. from transportation, warehouse management and any third-party systems, and evaluates these against the contracts. The result: seamlessly evaluated documentation of the services to be billed.

Full transparency in service provider management

Would you like to connect transport service providers, subcontractors, or carriers? PSItms integrates freight quotations, contract management and operational billing in one continuous process. Together with market prices and benchmarks, this data provides you with an optimal basis for optimal negotiation results. In addition to price development, you can include supplier quality in your negotiations via incident management, ensuring high quality at the best prices.

This is how you benefit from using PSItms

  • Full transparency and control through a central data platform
  • Automation of the billing processes
  • Automated evaluation of standard price lists and customized conditions
  • Better negotiation results through integrated freight forwarding cost accounting
  • Better negotiation arguments with valid benchmarks
  • Recognition of renegotiation needs, e.g. through data enrichment from real processes
  • Freely configurable pricing models and tariff structures

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