Intelligent planning in transport management

As a dispatcher for the planning of transports, you are confronted daily with a lot of changing influences that affect the smooth and efficient execution of your transports. Excel spreadsheets or even handwritten plans quickly reach their limits when it comes to correctly mapping the effects across the board. Rigid processes arise and block newly conceived solutions instead of supporting permanent improvement. Therefore, we have developed PSItms, a transport management system that kicks in where your profit optimization begins – with flexible planning.



Rule-based, automated planning

PSItms combines smart algorithms with real-time control of the transport network and transport requirements. Based on high-precision digital road data and real-time traffic information, PSItms supports route planning for thousands of vehicles per day. Recurring patterns can be stored and added automatically as needed. Additional orders complement existing tours or create new tours.

Our PSItms ensures better utilization planning with a history-based prediction of transport quantities. It validates incoming orders and independently generates new orders from standing or call orders on a daily basis. All orders are subject to permanent cost and revenue evaluation from entry to invoicing. Use this for continuous order success controlling.

PSItms provides you with data and analysis on critical factors such as price, service levels, and transit times. This way, you can create requests for proposals and select carriers that will move your goods in the fastest and most cost-effective manner.

This is how you benefit from using PSItms

  • Less dispatching effort
  • Better route plans, fewer exceptions through multi-criteria conflict resolution
  • Optimal vehicle utilization
  • Real-time control of costs and revenues during dispatching
  • A cost evaluation of the service rendered for your customers for invoicing simply at the push of a button
  • Individual analysis and evaluation of all shipment data via dashboard and reports

Consideration of driver and dispatcher knowledge

We consider your regional driver and dispatcher knowledge in our daily route planning with PSItms. Whether special permits, permitted shortcuts, etc. – all information relevant to your drivers is stored in the system and considered for each new route planning. This way, individual knowledge turns into swarm intelligence, applied to your individual logistics network.

The knowledge of individual drivers or dispatchers is no longer lost when they are absent or sick, or when they leave the company. Even new drivers or temporary drivers quickly find their way around all routes, as they participate in the knowledge stored in the system.

This means for you

Lower environmental impact, ...

Reduced fuel consumption and CO2 footprint through shorter distances and optimized vehicle use

... more satisfied customers!

Increased service quality by precisely calculating the estimated time of arrival (ETA) thanks to the possibility of immediately reacting to unforeseen traffic obstacles

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