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Appreciable improvement in service

PSItms mobile solutions provide real time information on orders, shipments, packages and vehicles using TMS integration. Mobile data terminals, as well as telematics and IoT components send relevant process data to you, and allow efficient monitoring and control of transport processes.

Fleet control functions provide information on the current operating situation in the transport network, and allow action to be taken with regard to processes, tracking and tracing of shipments, vehicles, loading equipment and orders.

In addition, operational execution is transparent, order processing is quicker, and service to customers and partners improves considerably due to the mobile data processing. Key data is available as required in real time. Decisions can be taken immediately, and changes can be put into practice straight away. This ensures increasing quality with falling costs.

We also focus our efforts on providing IoT (Internet of Things) solutions. Smart Parceltm informs you when and where something needs to be collected. The package monitors its own movement, position and/or temperature, and records it throughout the transportation. The package promptly reports potential deviations to the agreed services.

Your benefits

    • Can intervene and make corrections at any time
    • Increased security and transparency
    • More control and communication options


    Tracking & tracing of the vehicle fleet via the internet:

    • Vehicles are integrated via the PSItms fleet control module
    • Vehicle telematics transfers the position and event data to dispatching, in real time if possible

    Dispatching is informed of the current situation in the transport network:

    • High level of detail per vehicle: vehicle designation, car registration, date and time of the last position report, time since the last position report, current locations, etc.

    Numerous options for analyses and controlling using reports

    Connection via communication servers automates data traffic (PSItms Cloud)

    Comprehensive document management based on standards:

    • Conveniently manage orders, shipping documents, documents, lists, etc.

    Operating alternatives adapt the solution to operating needs:

    • In-house solution with communication via the internet
    • Hosting solution with communication via the internet

    Control and communication mechanisms during execution

    • Dispatcher communicates with driver via MDE messages
    • Event view of current runs
    • Overview of orders according status and run
    • Overview of fleet resources at locations
    • Problem overview graded according to territory

    Order processing via mobile devices:

    • Package scanning and digital signature via mobile end devices
    • Effective communication with operational execution on site
    • Delivery and collection in one run
    • Tracking & tracing in real time
    • On-site recording of new orders

    Telematics components:

    • Navigation and locating
    • Vehicle scales, document printing, temperature control according to the required service level
    • Photo function with image archive
    • Activities of drivers and ramp operators can be separated

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