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    Order management

Quick, easy order processing

Do you want to process transport orders automatically, optimising sub-processes whilst taking the entire process into consideration?

You can do so with PSItms. Each service can be billed immediately after performance, if necessary in real time via mobile communication.Processes are also successfully documented in full via networks. Key performance indicators provide you with reliable information on core processes in the logistics network, and therefore form the basis for effective financial controlling of costs and services.

Your benefits

  • Easy, automated order processing
  • Complete and traceable billing
  • Minimal data acquisition effort
  • Reliable planning basis
  • Optimisation of processes in order management
  • Reduction of complexity in order management through automation
  • Optimised control of costs and efficiencies
  • Convenient, customised analysis and evaluation of all shipments


Minimal data acquisition effort:

  • Automatic data transfer and order validation
  • Order capturing via CSV import
  • Cyclical orders for recurring orders
  • Historisation of order changes
  • Order version control (validity)

Configurable analyses for your own company, and for the customer:

  • Statistics for your own offices

    • gross profit calendar, annual/monthly analyses, forwarding log, order statistics, etc.

  • Analyses for the customer
    • sales analyses, order schedules, annual/monthly analyses, cumulative orders and in details, operating times, etc.

Data validation, geocoding and routing run automatically as background processes:

  • Address errors, meaning incorrect trips are prevented
  • Immediate calculation of target km for subsequent target/actual comparison
  • Routing via digital road map
  • Billing data and order sequence are stored in the completed order

Perform complex logistics tasks through automation:

  • Orders are automatically converted to shipments and partial shipments (preliminary leg, main leg, subsequent leg), if necessary on a multimodal basis
  • Other tasks included in orders (e.g. value-added services) are automatically converted to service provision orders


  • Complete documentation and billing of rendered logistics services
  • Preparation of billing data or invoices

Gross profit ticker for capacity utilisation and turnover control:

  • Continuously display the total profit for the current day and month
  • Analyses of your own vehicles and runs

Tools for creating user-defined analyses:

  • Combine reports, lists, diagrams as required
  • Level of detail can be adjusted
  • Examples: External performance statistics for transport contractors, determining 100 kg rates per relation, determining gross profit per customer, etc.

Customer invoiced directly after the service is rendered:

  • Collections
  • Invoice-related status recording
  • Cash book

Effective financial controlling of costs and services:

  • Reliable data through automatic and continuous recording
  • Presentation of data in key statistics and analyses

Standardised interfaces to feeder systems
(Internal link to ERP, WWS, WMS; external via web or EDI

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