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    Service Provider Management

Control subcontractors with integrated contract management

Only lean and related processes guarantee sustainable competitiveness in logistics both today and in the future. Using the service provider management module allows you to plan and control pro-actively, quickly and flexibly, and to link companies. The result is effective coordination of all parties involved, as well as control and monitoring of the operational execution of your transport.

Your benefits

  • Optimisation of communication with your service providers
  • Improvement of cost overview
  • Optimisation of resource utilisation
  • Increased transparency
  • More dynamic structures


Always keep costs in perspective:

  • Target and actual costs can be viewed through dialogue functions
  • High level of detail per service provider:

    • quantities, routes, services, prices

  • Actual km and actual costs can be entered

Automatically monitor processes during execution

  • Agent-based status management permanently monitors and controls processes in the background
  • Locations can be automatically located and interactively visualised
  • Vehicles are monitored in real time by the PSItms fleet control module

Store contracts, obtain and manage quotations:

  • Store available resources, services and fields of application
  • Enter tariffs into service catalogue

automated credit note process on a tariff basis

  • Preparation of billing data (service provider order)
  • Invoice verification

Flexible integration of service providers into processes:

  • Inform service providers, loading and unloading points of results following completion of planning, provide notification of runs, quantities, loading sequences and schedules

Continuous communication:

  • Integration via data interface, dialogue access to the PSItms and/or via the PSItms web portal

Business partners are informed proactively

  • Automatically transfer or manually record status reports, and send them via the internet

Automated commissioning of subcontractors

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