Execution of transports in transport management

Once the dispatching of your goods is ready, the execution of the transports is on the agenda. It is quite normal for unexpected disruptions in the transport chain to cause deviations from the original planning. To maintain an over-view, PSItms visualizes your entire transport chain and provides drivers and dispatchers with all the data they need.



Complete control and fast solutions in the event of transport chain disruptions occurring

Every scan, every event and every exception is displayed in our transport management system and is used to monitor a smooth transport process. Real-time deviation detection, combined with AI-based deviation forecast, gives you predictive problem detection. Need for action for post-planning, rescheduling or notification are reported at an early stage.

Complete Information for your dispatchers and drivers

Our PSItms driver app supports and monitors the entire process of transport handling in one app, giving your drivers and transport partners easy access to the system. Scan as well as track and trace processes are presented in an order-centered view of your shipments. Drivers, mail or parcel delivery staff can document their tasks highly efficiently with minimal system interaction and automatically transmit them to PSItms.

This is how you benefit from using PSItms

  • Complete transport and performance documentation
  • Exact ETA calculation and notification
  • Automated deviation detection and escalation
  • Event-based real-time information
  • Smooth change of drivers and tours due to quick orientation in the system
  • Minute-by-minute shipment tracking for you, your customers and suppliers

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