• PSIwms - Application Management Services

    Comprehensive services for a stable and secure operation of your PSIwms logistics solution

To ensure smooth IT operations, continuous application and system maintenance is required, including monitoring and support. In the event of a malfunction, there must be personnel available who will take care of the error elimination at any time and as quickly as possible. 

We relieve your IT with our Application Management Services (AMS) while we meet the requirements for an uninterrupted operation and continuous optimization. We offer a wide range of models, adapted to your needs:

  • Application management services for PSIwms
  • Software as a service to the workplace
  • System hosting of additional solutions of your PSIwms

Structure of Application Management Service PSI Logistics


Our excellently trained support team will provide you with competent assistance in problem identification and error elimination as well as preventive measures. 

Thanks to our ticket system with connected helpdesk, you benefit from fast and structured support – with 24/7 on-call service upon request. 

It is also possible to track the processing status at any time.

You can definitely rely on the following:

  • Consistent assistance
  • Regular reporting
  • Full transparency


    With the goal of holistic system monitoring and high availability, we manage the monitoring of your hardware and software parameters of your PSIwms environment for you – upon request, also of third-party systems. Always having an eye on: compliance with all security-relevant aspects.

    You will benefit from the following:

    • Real-time system monitoring provides proactive response capability
    • Trend analysis of system parameters as basis for planning
    • Comprehensive reporting (KPI's, SLA reports)
    • Automated alerting in the event of security-relevant incidents
    • Integration of protection mechanisms such as IPS/IDS, whitelisting, DDos protection, redundant and high-performance firewall solutions, antivirus, etc. (optional)
    • Comprehensive security solutions for your data with automated restore checks

    Error elimination

    We develop measures that serve to restore the system quickly in the event of malfunctions and associated failure of components.

    In addition, the tools we use in the event of a malfunction provide a wide range of information necessary for later diagnosis. They form the basis for sustainable problem and error elimination and thus for future error prevention.

    We manage the following services for you, e.g.:

    • Automatic error elimination, including repair scripts that eliminate errors, clean up data, or simply restart processes
    • Disaster recovery
    • Reporting (KPI, SLA, availability)

    Software management

    We manage all your hardware and software data as well as equipment (configuration items) that are important for service delivery. With the resulting reporting about the recorded CI's, you always keep the overview.

    The area “Software Configuration Management” contains the following:

    • Licensing, versioning and conflict management
    • Access control
    • Documentation of all processes

    Hosting PSIwms in the Cloud

    With our cloud solution, we always dynamically provide you with the IT capacity you need. Investments in hardware or licenses are not necessary, we always charge according to your actual consumption. This way, you are always flexible and your IT is excellently positioned to support your company’s growth.

    PSIwms in the Cloud means the following:

    • A system which is always up to date
    • Access to professionals specialized in your PSIwms environment
    • No investment costs in hardware and software on premise
    • Variable contract term
    • Maximum data security through PSI operated data centers directly at the DECIX in Frankfurt, Germany

    Your benefits

    Relief for your employees with increasing IT security

    • No planning and investment costs
    • Scalability for additional or reduced requirements
    • No local risks
    • PSI expert knowledge
    • Consistent cost structure
    • Calculable risk through SLA
    • Short start-up times
    • Constant safety standard
    • Relief of the internal IT department
    • Elimination of Oracle database licensing
    • Proactive support
    • Independent operation of your PSI solution for multiple locations

    Any questions? Are you interested?

    Contact us, we will be happy to assist you.

    Rüdiger Stauch
    Head of Sales

    phone: +49 6021 366-561
    e-mail: sales@psilogistics.com

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