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PSIwms provides standard interfaces to high-level ERP systems such as SAP or Navision, adjacent shipping systems, as well as subordinate material flow control systems and picking systems.

The PSIwms interfaces provide, for example:

  • Reliability for new projects and operations, as these have been proven in use a hundred times over
  • Flexible handling for your individual needs and processes

Functions in detail:

ERP Systems

PSIwms provides standard interfaces to ERP systems such as SAP or Navision. The volume of the data to be transferred, and the sharing of data sovereignty can be configured, meaning that the customer’s special system landscape requirements can be easily implemented.

Shipping Systems

A shipping system linked via a standard interface can add special functions to the PSIwms shipping processes, for example online linking of logistics service providers, customs handling, etc. The shipping system can be seamlessly integrated into the complete order handling process by flexible configuration of PSIwms and according to customer requirements.


An automatic control and transport of goods by conveying equipment can be integrated by linking a material flow system to PSIwms via a standard interface. The flexible configuration in PSIwms allows tasks such as routing, storage space search, warehouse organisation, capacity monitoring etc. to be allocated according to the customer’s requirement.


PSIwms provides a standard interface for integration of Pick-by-Voice systems or picking systems in general into the warehouse processes and material flows. The efficiency and accuracy of the entire picking process are increased by voice-controlled picking.


As an addition to the material flow system’s standard interface, PSIwms offers integration of Pick-by-Light (or even Put-to-Light) as a visual aid for the picking process. Pick-by-Light can of course also be implemented by linking to an external picking system, and can be integrated into the overall PSIwms process.


PSIwms provides a standard interface for integration of Pick-by-Vision systems or picking systems in general into the warehouse processes and material flows. The reliability of the picking process can be further enhanced by the provision of a visual aid for picking (e.g. using data glasses and in combination with Pick-by-Voice), for example by displaying item numbers or photos of goods.


Localisation in the warehouse or on the yard of vehicle, transport unit and order destination.

  • Automatic acknowledgement of transports as soon as containers/lift trucks reach their destination
  • Management of large external warehouses
  • Determination of container locations


Customer programs can be customized by integrating a standardised web service interface.

  • Variant 1: general RESTful Web service

    • Only read access
    • Based on the OData Standard (Open Data Protocol from Microsoft)
    • Return format: JSON objects
    • Simple to complex queries are possible

  • Variant 2: Client server telegrams accessible as a web service

    • Communication between client and server can be converted to RESTful Web Service
    • All client server telegrams are available as a Web service call

PSIwms awards

Tested functionality

PSIwms has been validated since 2003 each year by the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics IML, with regard to its software functions and services.

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