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Constant increase in passenger numbers, limited room for expansion, and rising demands with regard to availability and service quality, require intelligent systems to optimise process flows and make existing procedures and systems more efficient. Continuous mapping of all relevant data also plays a central role. This can be done across all hierarchy levels through the use of integrated IT systems.

PSI Logistics offers our PSIairport solution for easy and transparent linking of all airport systems. This can be used to flexibly configure interfaces, integrate new systems, and distribute information with filtering and control.

Your benefits

Integrated processes in baggage handling thanks to integrated networking and reliable systems

  • Mapping of all relevant data across several hierarchy levels
  • Monitoring systems (automatic alarm in the event of an error)
  • 24/7 hotline with very quick response times
  • Advance planning
  • Individual, holistic concepts according to requirements – from check-in to baggage loading
  • For reasons of process security and reliability, virtually almost all international passenger airports in Germany use PSI systems.




Success factors for your project

  • More than 20 years of expertise in bagggage handling
  • Individual, integrated concepts according to requirements
  • Delivery of hardware and network solutions: cluster systems with extremely short switchover times, high availability of databases, leading-edge virtual infrastructures
  • Training of your staff
  • Java-based software technology for a high configurability and intuitive user interfaces including 2D or 3D visualization, optimized for daily tasks in baggage handling
  • Artificial Intelligence at PSI: Neural Networks, advanced Fuzzy Logic or combining Operations - we transfer potential of new Technologies to your industry requirements

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