PSIairport Baggage Handling System

Our PSI baggage handling system, PSIairport/BHS ensures that the baggage flow in airports is optimised and integrates the related airline, airport and handling agent systems.


  • Automatic planning tools
  • Optimised early baggage storage management
  • Supports contingency strategies
  • Targeted analysis of camera images for each baggage item by integrated CCTV systems
  • Customisable statistics on the complete baggage flow
  • Comprehensive monitoring tool
  • Mobile extension

The system maps extremely complex material flows transparently. The addition of customised functions puts you in a position to properly assess the status of the systems and the current situation. Intelligently-graded system messages and the clear and intuitive operation provide support.

The mobile add-on of PSIairport/BHS enables you to control cockpit functions locally on a wide variety of platforms (Windows Mobile, Android, iOS), and to retrieve statistics or baggage information for each user group as required.

Your benefits:

  • Transparent mapping of complex material flows
  • Early detection of potential and risks
  • Cross-process view of data for information gathering
  • Decentralised, mobile control

CCTV for real-time baggage classification from check-in to the aircraft

CCTV combines high resolution video tracking and documentation with AI methods for object detection and classification. This solution delivers a complete real time localization system based on video supervision to track baggage or any kind of carriers, boxes or parcels in a sorting center.

Qualicision based object classification with neural networks is used to identify baggage, labels and baggage characteristics in real time. This information combined with PSIbhs dispatching and PSIbrs tracking system data leads to a high quality baggage handling process with less exceptions and no-read checks. Conveying systems tracking functionality with hundreds of barcode readers could be simplified and partly replaced by our high-resolution video based tracking. On-the-fly detection with video coding is used to reduce the load on No-Read-Terminals. With less exceptions we realize a significant quality improvement on a higher automation level.

Your benefits:

  • Baggage tracking on conveyors and sorting machines
  • Visual recognition
  • Label identification
  • Exception Handling on-the-fly
  • Reduction of No-Reads

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