• PSIairport/BRS

    Baggage Reconciliation System

Our baggage reconciliation system PSIairport/BRS ensures that no baggage gets on board the aircraft without the passenger.

The cross-platform mobile solution PSIairport/BRS can be used with a wide selection of Android, iOS or Windows end devices. The mobile devices and the central BRS system communicate via WIFI or a mobile phone connection.

Comprehensive documentation for all baggage transport systems, and various statistical analyses round off the solution features.

Reduce misplaced and lost bags with PSIairport/BRS

PSIairport/BRS - also available as cloud solutions

Features PSIairport/BRS

  • Airline-specific loading strategies (e.g. batch loading)
  • Baggage segregation
  • Automatic recording of incoming and outgoing containers (container management)
  • Monitoring with reports and statistical analyses (e.g. scan rates, container lists, freight lists, etc.)
  • Cross-platform mobile solution with Mobile Data Terminals (MDT)
  • Transport history tracking

Your benefits

  • Cost reduction through optimised use of loading equipment and space-saving sorting
  • Faster process turnaround by improving pre-sorting and loading
  • Prevention of incorrect loading
  • Tracking and tracing (“Track and Trace”) of all Transport
  • Improvement in service quality

Supplementary benefits cloud model

  • Quick and efficient use, even without major IT infrastructure
  • Seamless baggage recording, even for regional Airports
  • Lease and rental models available
  • Lower-cost, module-based solution (arrival, departure, and container Management)
  • Compliant with IATA Res 753
  • Intelligent interface management via the tried-and-tested PSI data Gateway
  • Legal compliance with respect to data protection, through the use of a cloud computing service provider in Germany

PSIairport function overview

Comprehensive system, network and complete solutions


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