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The successful use of a WMS mainly depends on the correct operation or optimal use by users. As long as you as a user are not sufficiently familiar with the functions of PSIwms, there is a high probability that interesting opportunities regarding the simplification of your work processes will remain hidden from you. Therefore, we offer various training courses for the best possible use of the warehouse management system PSIwms.

Well-trained from the start

We advise companies that have decided to use PSIwms or are in the evaluation or conception phase to participate in our PSIwms User Basic Training at an early stage. This allows you to optimally adapt the usability of the WMS to your warehouse processes right from the start.

Including access to the PSIwms training system

After completing the training, you will still have access to our PSIwms training system until the end of the following month. This gives you the opportunity to extensively test what you have learned. In addition, there is the option to extend access to the test system for another month at a charge.

Become a PSIwms expert!

Unlike the PSIwms basic training courses, which addresses to all users of PSIwms, the expert training courses aim at users who perform certain key roles in their use of the software. More detailed information can be found on the detail pages for the respective training.

Modular training concept

Our modular training concept allows you to expand your user knowledge around PSIwms as needed. Each training module contains hands-on exercises along selected application examples for fast learning in the PSIwms standard system.

Our standard training courses at a glance

PSIwms basic training courses

PSIwms User A1

This practice-oriented training serves as an introduction to the use of PSIwms. You will learn the structure of the system, and you will be taught the basic knowledge of handling common warehouse processes in the system.

PSIwms PSI-Click-Design A2

The PSI-Click-Design integrated in PSIwms allows you to flexibly adapt the PSIwms interface to your needs. In this training course, you will learn which options are available to you and how to create user-specific dialog combinations, your own detail views or filter definitions.

PSIwms expert training courses

PSIwms Testing T1

To be able to exclude errors in the system during the software introduction or during later changes in the ongoing operation, there is the possibility in PSIwms to use an automatic test procedure, which is based on the PSIwms database. This training serves as an introduction to the tool.

PSIwms Modeling & Optimization K1

This PSIwms expert training goes into detail. As a participant, you will learn how to model all processes, goods flows, topologies, parameters in PSIwms in a separate configuration tool or via dialog in the PSIwms client.

PSIwms Modeling & Optimization K2

This PSIwms expert training is the follow-up training course to Modeling & Optimization K1. You will learn how to perform further configurations independently.

PSIwms Report R1

PSIwms offers you the possibility to generate prints or labels yourself with Jasper Reports. This is exactly what this training addresses.

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