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  • Warehouse Management System (WMS)

    Software to manage, control and optimize your intralogistics

As a WMS provider with decades of experience, we offer you PSIwms, a flexible and proven warehouse management system. It enables you to design your warehouse and logistics processes transparently and efficiently. Even in the standard version, our warehouse management system (WMS) supports all relevant warehouse forms, types and technologies.

Use in a production-related warehouse is just as possible as in a dispatch warehouse or distribution center. The WMS is equally suitable for small to large and complex warehouses. This means with PSIwms you get an intelligent warehouse management system (WMS).

Innovative and future-proof WMS

Thanks to continuous further development, you are always at the cutting edge of technology with our warehouse management system. We guarantee 100% release capability, regardless of the degree of customization.

To live up to our claim as an innovative WMS provider, we closely work with leading partners from industry and science. In addition, development takes place in a constant exchange of ideas with our customers. The result is continuous product releases that typically provide you with enhanced WMS functionality on an annual basis. You can find the latest innovations below.

PSIwms Release 2020

Digital Twin

Configurable data transfer from a production system to a test system to test real data with optimized process configuration or new software versions by automated tests.

Activity Tracking

  • Configurable logging of activities in the warehouse to record process times as a basis for dashboards, key performance indicators and BI tools.

PSIwms Mobile

  • New functions for recording photos and signatures, e.g. during confirmation of shipments, quality control or other processes.

System and operation

  • Certification of Oracle Linux 8.
  • Connection to Microsoft® Active Directory for authentication and synchronization of users and roles via secure LDAPS.

User-friendly warehouse management system (WMS)

More freedom and flexibility in designing your WMS interface

PSIwms is freely configurable, scalable and responsive. The integrated PSI click design allows you to easily customize the user interface in the WMS to your needs. Menus, lists, tables or complex dialogs can be moved by drag & drop.

Several individual dialogs can be linked to a new screen in a process-oriented manner. All the information you need is directly displayed in this single screen. You can navigate through the data with a click. All these options are available to you immediately and directly in the warehouse management system.

WMS standard interfaces – used up to 100 times

Our warehouse management system (WMS) complies with the VDI 3601 guideline. The guideline describes the task and performance areas of an IT system for warehouse management.

PSIwms architecture – all functions at a glance:

Click on one of the function sections and go to the relevant function description.

Experienced WMS provider

Success factors for your warehouse management project

  • Over 50 years of expertise in the development of a comprehensive, integrative product range for transparent material flows and efficient logistics management
  • Best practice solutions for fast and secure projects
  • Quality is our mission: our customers confirm that they can always rely on PSIwms
  • Training of your employees
  • Java-based software technology for a high configurability and intuitive user interfaces including 2D or 3D visualization, optimized for daily tasks in baggage handling
  • Artificial intelligence at PSI: Neural Networks, advanced Fuzzy Logic or combining operations - we transfer potential of new technologies to your industry requirements
Source: Blue Planet Studio/AdobeStock (edited by PSI Logistics)
Source: Blue Planet Studio/AdobeStock (edited by PSI Logistics)

What makes a WMS user-friendly?

The Warehouse Management System (WMS) maps the entire internal material and goods flow of a company. The improved user-friendliness ensures that the user interface guides and supports the user through the workflow. How can a user-friendly WMS be recognized?

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Source: racorn/CanStockPhoto, Industrieblick/AdobeStock (edited by PSI Logistics)
Source: racorn/CanStockPhoto, Industrieblick/AdobeStock (edited by PSI Logistics)

Top 7 Reasons to Implement a WMS

Before you decide on a digitalization measure in your warehouse, your motives should be clear. We have identified seven questions that every warehouse operator should ask himself before implementing a WMS.

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Source: ©Gorodenkoff/AdobeStock (edited by PSI Logistics)
Source: ©Gorodenkoff/AdobeStock (edited by PSI Logistics)

Logistics as a Success Factor: Digitalized Production Supplies

Complex logistics calls for simplifying software solutions. A future-proof solution is required to ensure that warehouse processes run efficiently and dynamically, and can be adapted flexibly. The digital optimization of the core logistics processes is the top priority.

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PSIwms awards

Tested functionality

PSIwms has been validated since 2003 each year by the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics IML, with regard to its software functions and services.

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