PSIwms - Warehouse Management System

    Software for intralogistics optimisation


    PSIwms - Warehouse Management System

    Software for intralogistics optimisation

PSIwms provides you with a warehouse management system for creating transparent and efficient warehouse processes.

PSIwms already supports all relevant warehouse forms, types and technologies in a standard system. It can also be used in a production-related warehouse, i.e. a dispatch warehouse or distribution centre. PSIwms is equally suitable for small, as well as large and complex warehouses.

100 % releasable

Thanks to continuous development, you can always enjoy state-of-the-art technology with PSIwms - regardless of the degree of customisation!

Freely definable user interfaces

The new PSI-Click-Design allows users to create and save user-specific lists and table dialogs, detail views and their own filter definitions by using a visual editor.

Current highlights:

Adaptive order start
- new in Release 4.0 -

PSIwms adaptive order start enables a KPI-oriented dispatching of orders, taking into consideration current capacities.

This means that PSIwms automatically starts orders or intentionally holds back orders with the aim of achieving an uniform utilisation of all warehouse areas and possibly other resources, such as packing stations.

Expanded yard management
- new in Release 4.0 -

  • New graphical representation of the yard and the parking places
  • Support of all processes on yard and management of yard spaces
  • Shifts in arrival times or gate occupancy are immediately passed on to processes in warehouses (recalculation of the priority of the affected orders)

Position determination in intralogistics: localisation and acknowledgement 
- new in Release 4.0 -

  • Localisation in the warehouse or on the yard of vehicle, transport unit and order destination
  • Automatic acknowledgement of transports as soon as containers/lift trucks reach their destination
  • Management of large external warehouses
  • Determination of container locations

 Warehouse modelling + staging
- new in Release 4.0 -

  • Process-oriented warehouse visualisation with new modelling masks for warehouse configuration
  • The integrated design mode enables detailed modelling of a company's own warehouse 
  • Staging: transfer configurations between various systems: verification system -> test system, test system -> production system

Hybrid use with mobile terminal devices – also as apps 

PSIwms functions are also available via apps for Android, iOS and Windows.

PSI Java Framework (PJF) with PSI-Click-Design 

  • Interface can be fully configured by the user with an intuitive visual editor
  • User-specific creation and storage of dialogue combinations, detail views and custom filter definitions
  • Improved use of Ultra-HD-4K resolution

PSIwms warehouse service broker


PSIwms warehouse service broker acts as an intermediate level below the ERP systems to coordinate the WMS systems of several locations – regardless of the manufacturer of the WMS software solution – and combines the WMS systems into one large virtual warehouse. The sub-systems are synchronised via a central point, while actual operation can continue via the existing WMS.

PSIwms adaptive scenario management


You can use PSIwms to define different scenarios that determine how PSIwms behaves in a certain situation. For example, the two scenarios “early shift” and “late shift” can be defined, which may differ due to difference in storage and/or picking management. Essentially, almost all configurations in PSIwms can be modelled according to the scenario and allow you to operate your warehouse in a way which is convenient for you.

PSIwms architecture

Our PSIwms solution naturally complies with the VDI 3601 guideline regarding the tasks and performance areas of an IT system for warehouse management.

An overview of all PSIwms functions can be found here:

Click on one of the function sections and go to the relevant function description.

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Many medium-sized and large companies are already optimising their logistics warehouses with PSIwms. More information and case reports can be found here.


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