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  • PSIwms - Warehouse Management System

    Software to manage, control and optimize your intralogistics

PSIwms supports all relevant warehouse forms, types and technologies in a standard system. It can also be used in a production-related warehouse, i.e. a dispatch warehouse or distribution centre. PSIwms is equally suitable for small, as well as large and complex warehouses.

Thanks to continuous development, you can always enjoy state-of-the-art technology with PSIwms - regardless of the degree of customisation - 100 % releasable!

Current highlights PSIwms

Innovative und future-proof

Excise Tax

  • Selective storage of untaxed goods
  • Warehouse for taxed or non-taxable goods
  • Maintenance of a tax book
  • Recording of all tax-relevant movements in the warehouse
  • Mapping of tax-relevant attributes in the article 
  • Customs tariff number 
  • New tables of rule for determining tax rates
  • Tracking of tax documents 

Hybrid use with mobile devices

  • Improved responsive design
  • Support of landscape format
  • Numeric keypad can be displayed
  • Distinction between main and secondary functions
  • Kiosk mode

Route Trains

  • The route train is often used in practice as a logistics round train
  • Supply and disposal from specific/defined locations (e.g. production)
  • Predefined routes and places to be approached
  • Distinction between bus/taxi ride

Connection to Business Process Management (BPM)

  • Integration BPM Engine Camunda
  • Simple coupling via RESTful web service interface
  • PSIwms component for common transactions

    • Configurable call/start of an external BPM process
    • Feedback from BPM process via RESTful web service interface

  • Examples of integration

    • QA process
    • Value-added services
    • Checking of order data

Expansion of ABC Classification

  • Consideration of several ABC classifications
  • Selection of basic data for ABCD analysis:

    • Statistics "Picks per article" 
    • Statistics "Full stock removals per article" 

  • Configuration dialog: 

    • Limits for the different classes for picks or full stock removals 
    • Period to be considered

Order Split and Start Time Transports

  • Order split

    • Separation of one or more complete order items into a new order
    • Separation of a partial quantity of an order item into a new order               
    • Splitting of load remnants of an order or order group

  • Start time transports

    • Indication of the earliest start time for transports and special trips

Freely configurable user interface for everyone - responsive and scalable

PSI-Click-Design allows you to easily adapt your PSIwms user interface to your individual needs. Menus, lists, tables or complex dialogs can be moved by Drag&Drop.

Several individual dialogs can be process-oriented linked to a new mask, so that you can see all desired information directly in this single mask and navigate through the data by clicking. All these possibilities are available to you immediately and without detours.

PSIwms architecture

Standard interfaces

Our PSIwms solution naturally complies with the VDI 3601 guideline
regarding the tasks and performance areas of an IT system for warehouse management.

An overview of all PSIwms functions can be found here:

Click on one of the function sections and go to the relevant function description.

  • Many medium-sized and large companies are already optimising their logistics warehouses with PSIwms.


Success factors for your project

  • 50 years of expertise in the development of a comprehensive, integrative product range for transparent material flows and efficient logistics management
  • Best practice solutions for fast and secure projects
  • Quality is our mission: our customers confirm that they can always rely on PSIwms
  • Training of your employees
  • Java-based software technology for a high configurability and intuitive user interfaces including 2D or 3D visualization, optimized for daily tasks in baggage handling
  • Artificial intelligence at PSI: Neural Networks, advanced Fuzzy Logic or combining operations - we transfer potential of new technologies to your industry requirements

PSIwms awards

Tested functionality

Tested functionality: PSIwms has been validated since 2003 each year by the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics IML, with regard to its software functions and services.

Contact Person

Rüdiger Stauch
Head of Sales

Phone: +49 6021 366-561


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