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  • PSI Tender Management for Logistics Service Providers

    For a perfect bid in six steps

Calculation system to prepare customised and exact bids

With PSI Tender Management, you can respond to extensive tenders quickly and easily. The basis for preparing the bid is a stored transport network including sites, relations and costs, as well as customer shipment structures. Create customised bids using interactive tariff creation coupled with a detailed profit analysis.

Features PSI Tender Management

  • Central storage of all data and cost structures
  • Import of customer-specific shipment structures
  • Simulated calculation for reviewing and varying tariffs in the bid
  • Visualisation in the form of graphs
  • Authorisation procedures
  • Integration of add alternates in the contract
  • Feed ACTUAL shipment data into the bid calculation rates
  • Archiving of calculations for comparing price trends

Once your basic data are imported you can make a perfect bid in six steps:

Scan in the enquiry:

the shipment data compiled by your customers can be directly imported or entered via the interface.

Calculate shipment costs:

Calculate your company’s actual network costs based on the data you have already stored (transport relations, carrier types, additional costs such as hazardous goods or express surcharge, etc.).

Create customer tariff:

Create your target customer tariff based on the calculated shipment costs. Use a stored tariff for this (e.g. your standard tariff) or create a tariff structure specific to the enquiry, depending on zones, classes and cost basis.

Review margin:

A tariff-based and shipment-based profit analysis is available in graphic and tabular form.

Review and approve bid:

the system can check the consistency of the process to assure the quality of the bid content. The final is approval given via the authorisation rules which you define.

Create bid documents:

create customer-specific and checked documents from the Excel and Word templates.

Features PSI Tender Management

  • Faster bid preparation
  • Price certainty through exact calculation figures
  • Detailed profitability analyses
  • Transparency and traceability
  • Process security through an authorisation system
  • Better starting point for re-negotiations

Contact Person

Rüdiger Stauch
Head of Sales

Phone: +49 6021 366-561


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